Disagreement without Disrespect

Of late, my social media page has become the stomping grounds, literally, of some very political militance. From both sides of the isle.

And moi, in the middle, has received tongue lashings from both sides. Both publicly and behind the scenes.

Hey! I’ve just tried to maintain a safe place to make eye-contact!

Where everyone’s opinions are valued and no personal attack’s are tolerated. But apparently I failed to mention…You are free to discuss and state your opinions unless you make a personal attack…on Me!…as well as others. There. So happy to have clarified that.

I didn’t vote for the guy. Nor did I vote for his predecessor. But I STILL respect the Office…and more importantly, the Person. Something I will maintain that we all continue to do. Moving forward.

Because isn’t that just it? We continue to move forward. We talk out our differences and share ideas to become better than our parents or our grandparents?

I think so.

So please do feel free to share your opinions, arguments and knowledge. Just don’t bite the hand that feeds ya! Mmmk?


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the Whole Wide World 🌎

Happy Easter/April Fools’ Day

So today is Easter Sunday! And as an added bonus it is April Fools Day! Many have questioned the synchronicity of the two; however, I see it as the perfect communion in God’s eyes. My G-maw always said that God watches over drunks, old people, children, crazies and fools. Sounds like perfect timing to me! As always Gods time is perfect time.

In addition to deciding where to go to church(still searching for the right fit), planning a meal for just two people seemed daunting (since I was taught to cook for no less than 6-8 people.) But the little sign above my kitchen window that reads ‘Simplify’ made it clear.

Knowing I could never keep up with my Aunt Cuisine, and keeping in line with the ‘simple’ theme our menu fell into place. Cuisine’s menu compared to mine is shown below.

Happy Easter Sunday morning to y’all! And Happy April Fools Day as well!

Keep it Simple.

If you need me I’ll be in the Trailer Park test kitchen slaving over a hot microwave all day! May God’s peace be with you as you celebrate however big or small!

Keeping it simply yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole wide world

Coffee talk with Nadine

Twirling in my own Trailer Park
I’m sorry for the coffee talk hiatus. I’ve been twirling in my own trailer park for about a year now. And I realized it’s time to stop the spinning.

Remember that loud and crazy buzz headed bleach blonde lady? And her slogan Stop the Insanity? Same thing. 

Whatever happened to her anyway?…Squirrel! 

So today, after a year of exhaustive running around I read Hebrews 12:1-2 and find a new spin. There’s a theme here. Y’all see what I did with that?

And the author says, “…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” 

Now like some of you, I’ve read that eleventy-hundred times. And each time I hear God encouraging me to just run the race. Don’t give up. 

Today this verse speaks to me as God saying ‘Suck it up Pamela.’ 

THIS time I hear God telling me to stop whining. This is the plan He has laid before me. So as long as I’m in the race He set before me…read Life Path…then run it as long as I need to run. With endurance. With a glad heart. With all I have. 

So glad I read this today. 

Because the rest of the verse is easy…’fixing our eyes on Jesus.’ Jesus who already ran the race before us and for us. 

The trailer park will still no doubt continue to twirl. Just not today. 

Today I’m sucking it up.  I’m enduring a mental, physical,spiritual hardship without complaining. 

Suckingly Yours, 

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole wide world

Happy (40th) Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is his most important birthday! How do you think he would be celebrating 40 years of sobriety? 

Im pretty sure he’s sitting at a table with one or two people talking over a cup of very strong black coffee. 

Lucky him…He took 34 years of sobriety with him to the grave. 
Lucky. Not lucky. It was hard work for him. Every.Single.Day. 
Addictions are nasty and ugly and nobody wants to talk about them. 

There are addictions to drugs and alcohol, sex, food, and stress and even drama. 
It is the rare few that want to take the first baby step admitting there is a problem.

And we are all very quick to judge each other for our addictions.

Well at least I don’t smoke a pack a day! Indignant. Oh no!!! You just eat a pack of Oreos a day! 
Or at least I’m not a drunk. Really? You just constantly gossip on Facebook, stir the pot, or act like a drama queen and watch reality TV shows from daylight to dusk.

I know what Daddy would say. I can still hear his voice.
Pick your poison. 
Find some help.

You’ve gotta take that first step all by yourself baby. But after that, there are plenty of people who can help you. (Grin)
Happy Birthday Daddy.

I love you two.


Nadine Bodine
Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world. 

Nadine on…Co-dependence


An Elephant named ‘Co-Dependence’
There is this elephant in the room. And his name is Co-Dependence.
He’s standing right there! I can’t believe you don’t seem him. He is toxic to you. 

At first, no one really notices him, because initially he’s kinda small. He’s sneaky like that. He just sits there all cute-like there while everyone tip toes around him. 

As he feeds on insecurities and pain he begins to grow a little each day. Like all baby ‘anythings’ he gets bigger. And bigger. 

Kind of like when you start to get a little fat. The pounds add on a little each day and you hardly notice them. Until the scale tops the high end and you suddenly wake up and none of your pants fit! 

Just like your pants the elephant named Co-Dependence gets too big for his britches. It’s too late when you realize it. He is huge!!! And he is manipulative. As everyone, not just you, moves towards the walls in order to squeak past. He continues to grow a little bit each day. 

What began as a seemingly harmless creature of comfort has once again become a very large problem. He is a problem and you can’t breathe again because you are pressed to the walls. You find yourself in a place where you NEED him but you no longer want him. Co-dependence consumes you. Consumes your life. 

You know what you need to do. 

You need to shoot the elephant. No one else can shoot him for you. Life will hand you the bazooka fully loaded but it’s your job to pull the trigger. 

Get off the hamster wheel. Admit there is a problem. 

Go find your peace. 

And don’t ever go back. 

Independence is worth a whole lot more in the long run. 

Independently yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world!

Nadine On…the girl with the red pen

The girl with the red pen. Remember the girl with the red pen in school? You traded your spelling paper with her. And she had a red pen. She bled all over your paper.

I hate that girl!

I hate that girl with the red pen. Everybody hates that girl. They don’t want to trade papers with her. They don’t want to sit by her at lunch. They don’t want to play with her at recess. They don’t want to invite her to their birthday parties.

Don’t be that girl. 



Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world

Coffee Talk with Nadine

Step children are hard. Ok…if we’re being honest here let’s face it they are down right difficult. For those that have them I know you can relate. For those that don’t well La-De-Insert expletative-Da!
Jose and I made a pact early on…I would handle my dysfunctional Ex and difficult children and he would handle his. It’s worked pretty well so far. There has been peace in the Trailer Park. 

Until now. 

I made the mistake of trying to reach out. Trying, too hard I might add, to help my sweet Baboo to repair a bridge that had been long neglected. I repeat, I made the mistake. 


It’s burnt pretty well to a crisp. Sorta like last nights last gluten free pancake. 

I got distracted on the phone with Mawdine and burned that puppy to a crisp!

Gluten free…shades of clean eating. But that’s another blog post. 

Back to the story. Step-kids. I’ve had my share. Some have been easy. Thank you favorite son. And some have been difficult. 

I can’t deal.

All I can do is be as good of a Trailer Park wife to Jose’ as I possibly can. 

At least they can’t complain about that. 

Life isn’t perfect. It’s got it’s share of hiccups. We will get through this together. Cause we told them all in the beginning…it’s y’all against US! And we are going on 9 years strong. 

Exes, Kids and Step-Kids will come and go. 

But Nadine and Jose’ stand strong hand in hand in the Trailer Park. 

Evil Wickedly Step-Motherly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world