The Birth of the Blog Nadine, aka/peaceloveandtrailerparks

Today, this day the 24th of April in the year of our Lord 2013, is the OFFICIAL first day for the Blog “peaceloveandtrailerparks”. Exactly 3 months and 24 days past my original goal. I am releasing the promised blog. The official coming out of the proverbial trailer park closet. As my friend, Homer, would say, right on time, right where it should be; the much waited for, and over acclaimed…


This date has immense significance for me since it marks two landmarks:  1-The would-be 52 year Wedding Anniversary of my parents and 2-a very long overdue “baby” and that is ALL I will ever speak of that.

Moving forward, I first want to introduce myself and then Nadine. My name is Pam Vinton and I am a Registered Nurse/Free Lance Writer and I live and work with my husband, Eloy, (trailer park name Jose’),  in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This is secondary to Eloy’s fantastic job opportunity and relocate.

I humbly began as a self-appointed Sweet Potato Queen, thank you Jill Conner Brown, and have since graduated, Lawdy Who’d a Thought It?, to a self-proclaimed Renaissance Trailer Park Queen, alias Nadine Bodine, and a self-appointed Life Coach to many.

As my alias self, Nadine, I would like to tell all of my loyal followers…if you’ve got issues, hang-ups, problems, addictions, bad behaviors, ex-husbands/wives, job problems, kid problems, parent problems, car problems….then you’ve come to the right Trailer Park! We specialize in all of the above, and then some.

God Bless Your Heart! <3<3<3+

In addition to herself, Nadine has 15 other self-appointed Trailer Park Queens to date, 1 that is in perpetual double-top secret purgatory for the time being, 1 that is deceased and 2 that have been asked, like Elvis, to leave the building, or Trailer Park, as it were. Permanently.

            The name of the Trailer Park where Nadine and Jose’ live is the Happy Family Trailer Park. This is complete irony, since I, Pam, have an aversion to Trailer Parks as a general rule. More on that later.  In the trailer park we love and support each other, our Mother Earth, and we pray to God or the Universe whichever is your personal preference. There is no judgment  here. It’s how we stay happy. And today, like every other day, is a happy day!           

            Welcome to peaceloveandtrailerparks blog! <3<3<3+

7 thoughts on “The Birth of the Blog Nadine, aka/peaceloveandtrailerparks

  1. Well done, sister. I am in love with the blog! Tell Pam that Tiffany says hi. Awesome job, Nadine. 😉 from “her” sister, Joliene.

  2. Jolene here…so glad to read your story Nadine. We sure do miss ya back here in the home trailer park in the USA.. Ya’ll enjoy it over there then get yer selves back here,.

    • Why, yes he does. But it doesn’t have to rhyme with Nadine or Praline…Jolene’s husband has one…it’s Walter. And of course Eloy has one too! Jose’ Jalapeno…on a steek! And the neighbor across the street, Curline, her husband is Dennis the Menace. There will soon be a posting of the current reigning Queens. Stand by one. 😉

  3. Alright, Nadine, ya finally done the deed… got urself one of them blaghs!!! Now we can see what you and Jose` are doing over there in that sand-hill piece of God’s green earth!
    Take care of my baby girl, your Momma, Mawdine. (PawPaw says Hey.)

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