New Traditions/Movie Reviews a la Nadine Bodine

New Traditions/Movie Reviews a la Nadine Bodine

Ever since Jose’ and I were married and blended our families just six short years ago, we have instituted what we call “new traditions.”

These traditions are founded in the old traditions of childhood and former relationships that are new and improved and are now “ours.” We have many like the 6 month rule (to be discussed at a later posting), no texting at the dinner table, birthday dinners and Christmastime to name a few.

For example, at Christmastime, to avoid all of the hassle, hustle and bustle, we have our family Christmas, aka the Vinton Family Christmas, the Saturday before Christmas Day. Thereby exercising any conflict with our children’s other parents, partner’s/husband’s parents and/or friends. We get them ALL to ourselves for the entire time. And anyone and everyone else is welcome, family or friends. We always have extra plates and gifts for “strays.” No excuses that they need to come late or leave early because of someone else’s plans (for them) for the day! Perfectly designed. Don’t you think?

Moving to Al Ain has set us up for the invention of a few welcome new traditions. Being such close quarters and all, moving from a single wide to a hotel room has brought to light the need to “get out.” So, Jose and I have instituted Tuesday night at the Movies. Most of the time, I let him pick; and, since we both have basically the same taste and take on theatre, we are agreed. I will start posting a movie review each week called “Heads Up In Movieland” for your enjoyment and commentary.

As I do not consider myself a “critic” it will serve more as an information gathering. Personally, I don’t ever listen to the critics. As I once was “shell shocked” by a negative review by none other than Ms. Jane Horowitz (some of you may remember her from her brief Channel 8 new fame). The film was E.T. and Ms. Jane gave it a horrible review. After seeing and loving the film, myself, I decided then and there Ms. Jane was an idiot. So you see my logic…if Ms. Jane was an idiot and gave E.T., (E.T. !!! for Pete’s sake!!!), a bad review, and Ms. Jane was a movie critic….then ALL critics must give bad movie reviews. I hope you “so” get me.

This week’s movie was Pain and Gain.  Go to “Heads Up In Movieland” to see review please.

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