Poolside Attire

Again, the usual morning treadmill/elliptical cycle with a bird’s eye view of the resort pool.

Below me, I observe the usual toddler accompanied by their nannies. Toddlers wearing a swimsuit or a diaper. Also observed was a fair amount of adults, mostly middle aged men and women since the younger crowd weren’t up yet from partying the night before at our “disco.”  Most of the men were wearing trunks that went from waist to knees; while the women wore a one piece or a tankini with a few brave souls wearing modest two-piece suits…

…and then she took off her cover up… and revealed the largest badonkadonka buttocks in no less than a green string bikini! Emphasis on string! Yeowza!

I’m certain Nadine’s Momma, Mawdine, would have said, “Honey, let’s run over to the gift shop and buy Miss Badonkadonka an appropriate cover-up”

What?!!! Omar the Tent maker doesn’t have a cover up to fit that behind!

But you know, somehow, on that gal, it worked! In order to parade around like Ms. America, one has to have a certain attitude. And “she” had the attitude needed to pull it off.  Best of all…no one handed her a red card.

Jose’! Fetch the car baby! We’re going swim suit shopping!

Ya’ll know I’m just kidding. It would take significantly more than a court order for this 51 ½ year old woman to wear a swimsuit like that!  

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