A letter from Jose’

An exchange with Eloy while he was in Iraq….04/22/2009…

Dear Jose Jalapeno (on a stek!)

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are back here at the Happy Family Trailer Park.

We’re coming upon the planting season and the fall gardens are falling into place along with a whole plethora of yard art! The people across the street have acquired some really fascinating barrels that they have made into the coolest obstacle course! How I wish you could see it!

The guy next door, we call him “Walter,” has started putting the heads of all his squirrel kills along the fence row…very nice.
He says he wants to send a message to the other rats with tails out there.

I don’t think its working, cause his collection is growing and he has more notches on his belt…you’re gonna have to play catch up Big Time when u get home!!!

So far, we don’t have any more kids having kids…like I said, so far.

Daddy is still on the wagon for the liquor…but he’s fallen off, again, for the cigs!

Momma n them are still planning some kind of reunion thingie…but I’m hoping our invitation will be lost in the mail. I know we’re related to some of them people…Is it a sin to hate your family reunions guts? I hope not…bunch of little- headed, big- eared East Texas Rednecks. I love them all, truly, not sarcasm.

The 91 ½ year old is still driving…has her little route all mapped out…

only makes right turns.

Thank You Jesus!!!

But the 16 year old is hell on wheels!!! Don’t worry about those ruts in the yard…they’ll wash out/fill in with the spring rains, I’m sure of it!

Me? Well, I’m weighin in at about 210…found those pounds you’ve lost…but don’t worry a lick honey, cause I’ll have u fat and sassy with all my home cookin in NO time! Not to mention all the Cervezas you can drink!

I love you more than my Harley baby!

Hurry home!

Your (not so little) bride and very best friend in the whole wide world,

Nadine Bodine…

From: Eloy.Vinton@blab.afcent.af.mil [mailto:Eloy.Vinton@blab.afcent.af.mil]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:47 PM
To: Pam Vinton
Subject: RE: News from home
Hum, 210?… more to love. To the squirrel hunt…he must be stocking up for the summer.
And well, I’m glad the kids aren’t making more kids…
Love you too!

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