“In Praise of Matthew 11:5 and the Blind Date” or “How to Get a Guy to Ask You to Marry Him in 10 Days?” A Trailer Park Love Story

“The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.” ~ Matthew 11:5, King James Version of the Bible

Many people want to know how Jose’ and I met. I am proud to proclaim we met via eHarmony by proxy, through the magic of the internet and personal networking we found happiness. Each of us had a friend from work who had met and married via eHarmony two years prior.

The eHarmony couple (Lodine and Squiggy) report, they signed up on the ‘after the first of the year sign up special’ looking for valued love. They were tired of the notorious “free internet dating game sites” laden with weirdoes and nut jobs; they were looking for real love they could build a foundation on. They paid their cash money and found true love. Awwww.

Truly, those two were a match made in heaven.

Because without that match, there would be no Jose’ and Nadine Bodine now would there? And if there was no Jose’ and Nadine…then no Skeeter, Nacho and Sha-nay-nay, our precious g-babies.

Jose’ did try a few of those ‘free dating sites’ only to be discouraged by the weirdness of it all. It’s a wonder he didn’t need P.T.S.D.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Dating Disorder) counseling. Nadine, her skeptical former law enforcement self, refused on principal and downright old fashioned paranoia.

Like many, Jose’ and Nadine were amongst the ‘walking wounded’ from former relationships. Each came to a ‘second year Anniversary wedding vow renewal’ of Lodine and Squiggy…hoping for a valued love match, an open bar and a free meal at Los Vaqueros.

Ok, really, Jose was just tired of the dating ‘game playing,’ and was anxious to meet the fantasy nurse of his dreams.

Nadine was just there for the beer.

But what I found…was a talk, brown and handsome G.I. Jose’ in coke-bottle-bottom glasses offering a lifetime of happiness, adventure, shopping at the BX baby!… and Champus for Life!

After meeting each other for lunch or supper for 9 days straight, talking on the phone at night up until the wee hours, Jose’ planned a late lunch picnic in the same park the eHarmony hook-up had married in.

It was drizzly raining so Jose’ had to set up the spread under an arbor near the parking lot. It just so happened a group of school children were having a field trip at the park and a big yellow bus pulled up just as he finished laying it all out. He even brought flowers! We ate our lunch to the tune of noisy children being ushered by their teachers past the picnic set up. Epic, really, because had we met 25 years earlier, we would have had at least 6 kids! Maybe more.

As we ate, it became apparent to me, Nadine, that Jose’ had something more than Central Market pasta salad, Izzy’s orange cream sodas and shrimp on his mind.

He offered me his Momma’s wedding ring and his hand.

I immediately said yes! Because I’m a smart girl and recognized a great catch when I saw one!

And because I was raised by a Southern G-maw who had instructed me, early on, to nevah tell a man no when he asks for your hand. Just ask for a long engagement and work out the details later on. Any Southern Belle gal knows, trust funds, engagements and weddings can later be renegotiated…but a man may only ask a gal to marry him once! Better cash in while the offer is on the table. Never mind that it had only been 10 days!!!

So with much trepidation and fear of marrying a ‘near’ blind man, remember the coke-bottle-bottom glasses? I said yes, with the stipulation of a yearlong engagement. I knew full well that blending a family of teenagers was going to be interesting, at best.  And dramatic at worst. This was gonna take some time.

Jose’ and I were both of the mindset that upon reaching this age, one can tell in about 2 hours or less if that other person is worth investing any more time and energy into. If not, cut bait and keep fishing.

The good news is, José and I were married in a small ceremony with our immediate family and children present one year later.

The blind can see…Jose’ had Lasix surgery on his eyes and is no longer a blind man.  Much to the teasing and jibbing from my well-meaning family, even with his sight renewed, Jose’ can still see a good thing.

The lame can walk…the teenage kids have grown up and are doing their own thing and taking care of themselves and other little peoples.

The lepers have been healed…even if the Leopards haven’t changed their spots.

The deaf can hear…Nadine and Jose’ are headed to the Hearing Aid store one day soon.

The dead are raised up….can’t say much more about that in mixed company.

And the poor have the gospel…www.peaceloveandtrailerparks.com was born.

Respectfully submitted by your very best friend in the whole entire world,

Nadine Bodine

Aka/Malika Nadine of the Happy Family Danat Resort Trailer Park in the Sandbox

3 thoughts on ““In Praise of Matthew 11:5 and the Blind Date” or “How to Get a Guy to Ask You to Marry Him in 10 Days?” A Trailer Park Love Story

  1. A true “LOVE” story… and the love is genu-WINE… not that fake internet fantasy story stuff.
    Truly a great write-up of the love of two of my most favorite people.

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