Nadine On….Detoxing/HCG/Healthy Living

Yesterday, I felt like crapola. Total hell.

Sugar coma hangover x 10.

After several months of indulgence and abundance…the food here is truly amazing. Especially the breads! And each of us hitting our ‘ceiling’ weight and needing to bring it back down to reality; Jose’ and I have decided to partner to lose the 10 or so pounds we have recently put on and turn it back around to healthy eating before things get completely out of control here. Beer and Double Stuffed Oreos…they’re not just for breakfast kids!

So, yesterday was a rough day. It was the first day of detoxing for the 21 day HCG lifestyle changing plan. I won’t call it a diet, because the word ‘diet’ for me connotes a temporary situation. And this is a full out Trailer Park lifestyle change.

As a student of diets, this is not an advertisement for HCG. It just works for me. And I’ve tried them all, believe me, from the Dolly Parton diet, to the ‘cave-man’ principled Atkins diet and everything in-between.

At 52 ½ years, not wanting to try to be a supermodel or anything, HFTP Queen is enough responsibility at this point in time. But I’ve got to keep it real folks.

And for me, a Paleo-styled-gluten-free eating plan and 1 hour of cardio/weight lifting a day works to “maintain” the weight I choose to be at. Standing tall at 5’1” (even though I’m 6’4” in my head) the realistic 52 ½ year old weight. But first, I’ve got to ‘get’ there. And the HCG plan gets me from borderline “Do these pants make me look fat? Cause, I think they make my butt look as big as a barn!” to “Man, I’m pretty hot for a 52 ½ year old!” Quickly. And I like quick results.

Because, let’s face it, when you choose to lose weight, if you’re like me, you want to lose it NOW! And I get better results with immediate positive reinforcement. Then the follow up of maintenance is easier to stick with. For me. Maybe not for you. And that’s ok.

And before there is any more grief about HCG and the FDA…remember, those Federal people are also the same (plural expletive) who brought you Monsanto. So I won’t argue with you.

But I will share my success.

My body fat. My choice.

So here is the plan as I choose to follow it:

Day 1- Begin drops 3 x’s per day and Eat everything and anything you like…especially those foods you will know you will miss. For me, it’s bread.

Day 2- Ditto of Day 1…only it’s harder today, because you feel so sated, satisfied. Those drops work! Truly, I do not feel hunger.

Day 3- AKA HCG Hell. Today, we are de-toxifying our ‘not so little’ bodies. Nausea and headache. Lots of water, green tea, apples and lean meats (fish/chicken) and veggies. Today’s menu selection was B = Apple, coffee (no sugar! And trace of creamer), L = Lemon herbed Tilapia and 2 cups of raw celery, Snack = ½ grapefruit, S = Gingered Chicken and1 cup of some amazing steamed Asparagus!….YUM!

Day 4 – Doing better today. Slight headache, no nausea. Blood sugar is starting to shift and table off. Lots of water, green tea. Body is still de-toxing. Today’s menu as following: B = Apple, coffee, L = Australian Beef Chili (super yum! And full of flavors and spices) and S = 1 cup strawberries, S = White Fish and Salad Greens.

Thus far, we are successful. Jose’ has lost 4 lbs…I’ve lost 3.2. Not bad.

Diet Bootcamp! You bet. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

Respectfully submitted by your very best friend in the whole entire world,

Nadine Bodine

Aka/Malika Nadine of the Happy Family Danat Resort Trailer Park in the Sandbox

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