One Week Done! – HCG

Only 14 days left of Phase 2!

I am pleased to report that Jose and I are sticking to the 500 calorie Phase 2 HCG plan quite well! He’s lost a remarkable 10 lbs and I’ve lost 4.2 lbs! (Men! They always lose more. But when you have more to lose, it is easier than chiseling off those last 5-10 lbs…Trust me.) Worth the struggle! Working the program well, even with the set back of shell fish that created a stall for both of us. We’re past that hurdle now. No more crab (or shrimp or lobster) till we’re done.

We both have encouraged each other and the new recipes I am trying have kept things interesting. Our food is much more interesting than the last time for sure.

We are engaging in a life-changing activity in hopes of lengthening our life-spans and living those years as healthy and fit in the HFTP as we possibly can. But, we’re not fanatics and do enjoy life as it presents. I will be back to cooking, but not so ‘usual.’ Once we’re done I will share altered (gluten free) family favorite recipes along.

It is my own personal discovery through the detoxing procedure of this new healthy eating plan that we both were a little ‘crazy in the head’ from our Sugar Comas. Gluten and me, well, we just don’t get along. And we had to get off the sugar train. So now, a week into it, we both have much clearer minds and thought processes. It’s like we were ‘drunk’ on food and didn’t know it. I just didn’t realize until I came out of the fog how funky I felt while I was in it!

Now that I’m out…there’s no going back. Jose says the same; as his family has a history of diabetes.

Here is a helpful link to some amazing recipes


This week’s plan is as follows:

HCG Week 2 Diet Plan


Breakfast – Apple & Coffee

Lunch – Red Snapper & Strawberry/cucumber salad

Snack – ½ Grapefruit

Supper – Chicken wraps

(make lunch for tomorrow)


Breakfast – Apple & Coffee

Lunch – Lemon/herbed White Fish & Asparagus

Snack – Strawberries

Supper – Cabbage Wraps

(make lunch for tomorrow)


Breakfast-Apple and Coffee

Lunch – Chili

Snack – ½ Grapefruit

Supper – Rosemary Chicken & Cole Slaw

(make lunch for tomorrow)

***Grocery Shop with meal plan for next 4 days***


Breakfast – Apple and Coffee

Lunch – Apple Chicken Salad

Snack – skip because Apple was with lunch

Supper – Tilapia & Strawberry/Cucumber Salad


Breakfast – Apple and Coffee

Lunch – Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Snack – ½ Grapefruit

Supper – White Fish & Onion Soup


Breakfast –Apple and Coffee

Lunch – White Fish & Tomato Mint Salsa

Snack – Strawberries

Supper – Whole Fish poached & Baby lettuce


Breakfast – Apple and Coffee

Lunch – Chicken Chili

Snack – Cinnamon Grapefruit

Supper- Steak & Salsa Kicker

***Grocery Shop with meal plan for next 3 days***

The addition of 1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar and the elimination of any/all shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster) even though it is allowed on the diet has proved to beat the stalling out.

Also I eliminated the breadstick from the onset. (Jose still eats his breadstick and loses weight) But my body just can’t process gluten filled carbs.

Prior to the lifestyle change, I had overdosed so bad on gluten (bread, cake) that I felt physically sick. I felt so horribly foggy; much like a diabetic who had just crashed and burned. My mental outlook was horrible, I was argumentative, short tempered, stressed out and crazy. Ok….Call me crazy. One. More. Time.

**** Continue with LOTS OF WATER and Green Tea***

Stand by for next week’s Success Story! Right now, we’re 1/3 done with detox. And it feels so good!

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