Nadine On…Gratitude


Every morning I wake up, and Before my feet hit the floor and the evil one has an opportunity to plant thoughts of fear and doubt, I say a gratitude prayer.

I begin by thanking God for this wonderful Trailer Park in the sand that he has temporarily relocated Jose’ and me to live in. Just one year ago, this was just an ‘idea,’ a ‘possibility,’ an ‘opportunity.’ Still totally surreal at times, The Danat Resort Trailer Park in the Sandbox is a beautiful place to reside and we are grateful beyond words. I feel blessed to have been planted here. Happily, I can report, our trailer house has gone from one room to two and we are now equipped with a kitchenette!

I feel like Julia-freakin-Childs. And like Ms. Julia, I, too, love to cook with wine…and sometimes, I even put it in the food! Ha!

My domestic goddess…

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