Nadine On…Gratitude Day 3

Gratitude comes in many forms. Today it came as a form of independence that I have known for more than half of my life, but had been away from for a while now.

The freedom to drive a car.

My car.

My Emmitt.

What a luxury it is to get in your own car and drive wherever it is you want to go whenever you want to go. Many people in the world don’t have this freedom. A freedom we take for granted. I didn’t need a special license or anyone’s permission. I just took my happy self out to the car, got in, fired him up and drove away.

It was just a quick drive down to the Ace Hardware to get a buck-ninety fuse to fix my Christmas lights; but it was the perfect liberation. I know, it’s a small thing, for which I am very grateful.

 Gratefully yours,

Your very best friend in the whole entire world


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