Nadine On….Gratitude Day 9

I’m grateful for Walmart…yes, that mega superstore that has all but destroyed or reformed small town U.S.A. depending on your take.

A recent conversation with my favorite, Aunt (make sure you’re sayin it right!) Cuisine, has led us to a near breakthrough discovery as to the perfect store.

A damn near epiphany.

She apologized for leaving our Facebook conversation, due to the fact that she had to run down to the local WallyWorld to get back her self-esteem. And it got me thinking.

Without sounding like an infomercial…Walmart is the perfect store for a myriad of reasons. Beginning but not ending with, it’s a great place to shop. Why you ask? Well, Virginia, below are just a few reasons:

Walmart is open 24/7

You can get food/milk/a 40 oz.

You can buy tires and automotive needs

You can buy shoes/clothes

They sell hunting/fishing supplies and guns AND ammo! And if you are military or retired military you can get a fishing/hunting license for FREE!

They will change your oil for you while you shop!

You can have a Subway sandwich or a McDonald’s burger while you shop…but watch the lettuce as it drops from your sandwich paper…it’s not nice to let others step in your mess.

And where else can you can share a large order of fries as you shop?

Once, while shopping, I walked away from my buggy, then walked back and took a couple of fries from my Super-Size fry box…only to discover, that I had walked back to the wrong buggy! The 300 pound lady whose cart it belonged to was less than amused. So, I walked over to my own buggy, checked it first to make sure the kid in there was my own, took 2 fries from my Super-Size box and placed them in hers! We high fived and life went on munching our fries while we shopped.

That Walmart has so many different uses! I mean where else can you pick up a can of Hershey’s syrup, a new battery for the yard tractor, a paint by number picture, a pair of snuggly aloe socks, some hot wings, a 40 oz….AND get your MOJO back just by scanning the folks waiting in line?!

Someone should blog about that!?

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Do it……do it now’ God bless WalMart !!! I mean, what did we ever do without it.

When I first married and I got a case of the blues I would have to wait until my mother-in-law got home for mood change…….from feeling down to feeling pissed off…… I just run to Wally World and I’m Happy Happy Happy !!!!!!

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