Nadine On…Gratitude Day 10

I am grateful today for the Boy Scouts of America.

In particular for the Boy Scout I married. A Scout is ever:












•and Reverent.

And I would add, capable of performing a random act of kindness on a moment’s notice. Jose’ did the sweetest random act of kindness I’ve ever personally witnessed.

Since today marked day 5 of the Icemageddon 2013 Hostage Crisis…we just had to venture out from the safety and security of our single wide and the Happy Family Trailer Park and forage for some groceries…and I had a particular hankering for Mexican food a la El Fenix.

After parking, we noticed an elderly female standing beside her vehicle. At first glance, it appeared that ice had broken lose from the roof of the building and landed on said vehicle. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered the vehicle had been sitting there for a while and the doors were frozen solid shut and there was about 6 inches of ice covering her windshield and hood.  She looked absolutely “conflused.” Her adult daughter, who had ferried her back to the vehicle that had been sitting there since last Thursday!, didn’t look much better.

Of course we wanted to help. But alas, no ice scraper between the four of us. (I see an opportunity for an Uncle Bob Gift!)

Just when we were about to exhaust the efforts of a paper Starbucks cup in my car, the daughter produced a very large sharp shooter shovel.

Well, I’m proud to say my adult Boy Scout took said shovel from the daughter and commenced to gingerly shave the ice off of the windshield, taking great care not to break it while I prayed her insurance was paid up and we would be able to exit the parking lot without her writing down our license plate number!

He managed to not only remove the covering of ice, but then proceeded to clear the pavement in front of the vehicle so that she could mount her trust steed and ride him on home.

It was the sweetest thing I’ve witnessed all season. And to think, my sweet Baboo just jumped in with his instinct and can-do attitude with a small gesture that had a GRAND impact.

As she turned to me to ask me if he would take some money, I winked and whispered to her…just make a donation to the Boy Scouts of America, that’s where he got his training.

She smiled and walked toward her car where he was standing holding open the door.

I smiled at his kindness and made a mental note to myself to write them a Christmas check in his name.

Gratefully yours,

Your very Best friend in the whole wide world



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