Nadine On…Blessings

What a week this has been. A roller coaster of job applications, phone interviews, face to face interviews and the blessing of a second interview!

Last week my Pastor, and favorite cousin (just don’t tell the rest of them!) spoke about Blessings. I admit I was half listening, as it was ugly Christmas sweater Sunday and was trying to manage the Trailer Park Barbie sweater I was sporting…the Barbie I had sewn onto the front kept turning sideways and the little car wouldn’t stay perched on its block. Truly a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in the making from the git-go.

But I was set out to win!

Let the games begin.

Anyway, PG, short for Pastor Greg, was telling us how God blesses us as much as we can handle. Wait. What was that? Rewind the tape. Blesses us as much as we can handle? I always thought of that in the negative. God only gives us as much as you can handle.

And how many times have I questioned him, saying, “Really, God! Just how much more can I possibly handle? The camel’s back is just about to break here. One more stick, and I’m gonna go to my knees.” Oh, wait, that’s probably what he wanted in the first place.

So, all week, I pondered how this concept of God only giving you/me as much as we can handle works for the positive. How awesome is that!?

After praying with my cousins at the altar, and asking God for jobs for me and Jose’ I left it there and went on through the week in search of not only a job, but a job with the right fit. And wouldn’t you know…the right fit came in the form of not just one offer…but two! WOW! I was humbled.

So, now, faced with a choice, it came down to money. Like in, who is going to pony up the most cash? I went to bed Thursday night, knowing that my decision had been made. The job that paid the most had won.

Oh, but wait. An intervention of the Close Encounters of the “Mawdine” Kind occurred. My sweet little Momma, always playing the ‘devil’s advocate’ shed some light on a few items I had failed to see in my haste to cash the check!

And a phone call later my plan had changed as the financial playing field leveled.

It’s not always about the money, and my new boss’ offer helped me sort all of that out. It became a decision for the best fit. Shifting all that superfluous budgeting and financial stuff to the side.

What a relief. To be employed. Truly a blessing.

Color me this Christmas season, counting my blessings.

Gratefully yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very Best (now employed) Friend in the Whole Wide World!   

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