Nadine On…Yet another reason why I HATE Cancer’s guts!

Cancer. That horrible word we all dread to hear. Bad when it involves someone you love. From bad to worse when it’s you. Like Zero to Sixty in less than 10 seconds.

            Today, I sat with Jose’ at the hospital with my church family and my family family, who are also my church family, while a church family member underwent surgery. And, I’m just gonna be completely honest here, it sucked.

            Not the part where I got to have coffee-talk with one of my favorite Aunts or my very favorite Uncle. That part rocked.

Or the part where I got to do my best stand-up routines and tried out my newest jokes in an effort to divert the attention of the surgical-person-in-waiting from their imminent procedure to something totally ridiculous. I liked that part. Humorous diversions in the face of EXTREME STRESS!!! It’s one of my gifts…thank you Jesus!

Or the part where I got to tell the family that I REALLY am there for them ‘post-op/post-dismiss you to home to fend for yourself.’ Here’s my cell phone number, text or call me after you call the Dr. or 9-1-1. Or just if you need someone to pull you back in off the ledge. All parts I liked.

I mean the part where you know, deep down inside, like a sucker punch to the gut when you thought it someone was just bringing you flowers to the door, that this is serious life and death stuff. That there is no playing around here because someone you care for deeply, or love even, is sick. Really, really, potentially sick! Dammit. That’s the part where I HATE CANCER’S GUTS!!! For real.

But here’s the good news. Here’s the part where it gets great! The part where people come together and face enormous physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles…together. Like a Boss.

For weeks now, we have lifted up, pondered, prayed, talked, cheered, fellowshipped, and prayed some more for a miracle. Something only God and the Universe have divine authority over.

            And while it just wasn’t in the cards to deliver a full blown miracle, a partial miracle came in its place. My friend, he’s going to be ok. Because he is going to join the ranks of the Survivors.  He’s got the Eye of the Tiger…and tiger’s only get their stripes by earning them.

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