Nadine on…Lent

Lent, it’s not just for Catholics anymore! OK, it was never just for Catholics, in spite of many myths.
For 46 days between Ash Wednesday (that would be the day after tomorrow) and Easter Sunday, many people fast and pray. Of course for Catholics and surprisingly for a number of Protestants the ritual of placing ashes from the previous year’s Palm Sunday on the forehead of the believer is a symbol of mourning and repentance. OK, history lesson over. Fast forward to find a few good reasons why observing lent is a good idea for anyone.

1. You can get back on the wagon. You know the one you fell off, shortly after New Year’s Eve? Where you swore in blood with your BFF you would never again mix your liquors after mixing beer, with wine, with Midori melon shots and a nice finish of Champagne and sing Karaoke. Here’s your second chance to be good.

2. Because grief can be good if you are honest about your grief and you have given it the time you need to ‘get over it.’ We’ve all felt that special sadness at having to throw away our favorite sweat pants because the waist band is shot and you can’t wear your belly shirt with a pair of pants held up by some twine and rainbow suspenders now can you? Or can you? Hum.

3. Cause we all need forgiveness and we all need to forgive someone. Especially, YOU, (insert your HFTP name here.) Grace goes a long way in the trailer park. My mantra just last year was “Let it Go…or be dragged.” Sometimes I’m a sage.

4. Because repenting means you’re sorry. And not like that stupid 60’s movie where the guy says “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Blech! If you’re truly in love, you’re always sorry about some fool thing you’ve done. But at least you are remorseful about it.

5. Because fasting makes you skinny! Nothing like a good cleanse through the Lent season. No alcohol. No sugar. No cheeseburgers (WHAT? Is she crazy?) No swear words. No Chocolate. (OK, we’ve gone a step too far now! Back up the Lent truck!)

6. And finally because sacrifice is good for your heart and soul. It doesn’t have to be ‘giving’ something up, because a sacrifice of your time or talent could give someone a special joy they’ve never experienced. Doing something nice for somebody, like watching their 12 kids for the day while they go out with their old man for a scooter ride is a really nice gesture. Or offering to clean out their little shed near their trailer
This year, like years past, I’m giving up sugar, chocolate and a new addition never attempted before…cuss words. Because I don’t cuss like a sailor (you wish)..I cuss like a nurse!
Would love to hear what you’re giving up for Lent. Please post or comment below, but keep it clean!

Penitently yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very best friend in the whole entire world!

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