Nadine On…What did you learn today?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…ok, not THAT long ago, and not far away at all…there once was a motivational speaker named Leo Buscaglia. When it came to motivating, inspiring and loving others…Leo was awesomeness on steroids.

He would speak on PBS, Channel 13 in Dallas/Fort Worth several times a year. Primarily, during their annual membership drive, he would deliver several amazing talks to the masses and peddle his books.

For a young, easily influenced mind of 13 years old, it was motivational-speaker-love-at-first-sight. Leo spoke to my heart and soul.

One of the most memorable things I remember him sharing was a story about how he had been trained as a child to lie in bed at night and ask himself, “Leo, What! did you learn today?”

I adored that idea. And adopted it for my own life. While my family accuses me of being the perpetual student, that isn’t too short of the mark. I do like to learn something each day. Doesn’t make me all bad. Nor does asking myself each night, what was it I learned today? Or what was it I did?

This evening, I was reminded of Leo when talking to my Mother on the phone and making Chicken Paprikash to take to work and share with my new friend and partner in crime. While she relayed she had done very little…I know my Momma, and I knew better.

So I ask myself, What WAS it I learned today? What was it I did?

Well, today, I learned that NOT all first impressions are accurate. I learned that some people may need a little more motivation than I am willing to give…if I want to keep my boundaries within reason. I learned that there really are some nice people at work! (see first impressions!) I learned that even if you only have half of the type of paprika you need for a recipe, you can substitute and still make it work. And I learned that of all of the things I accomplished today, that list doesn’t have to be completely crossed off to feel like I have put in a full day.

Nadine and Leo would like to know…What did YOU learn today?

Inquiringly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole entire world

1 thought on “Nadine On…What did you learn today?

  1. Well, your Momma learned that her sweet daughter is a very smart cookie!!! As always you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. And I certainly remember those shows with Leo, and sitting there with you in our own little mutual admiration society… probably wiping a few tears away, laughing at each other for crying. What did I LEARN today…??? That I can always learn from you.
    Love, Peace and Pie!

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