Nadine On…a Mental, Physical and Spiritual Epiphany.


Epiphany literally means an intuitive insight…more importantly a ‘sudden’ intuitive insight. In a visual, as when the lightbulb comes on. That spark of light that switches pitch black darkness to illumination. You couldn’t see a thing before, but now you can! The lightbulb has just switched on.

Perfect timing and in step with this year’s personal spiritual movement.

Not so much from pitch dark to light, but more of an illuminated brighter light for me.

Today marks the day for Religious celebrations of Epiphany. The day in biblical history where the Magi found the Christ child. What a beautiful story. I am almost brought to tears each time I hear the retelling. They too were walking around searching for him…in the darkness.
They thought they found light, in Herod, but that light was false, fake light, as the Priest spoke of last night. Have you ever thought you were in the light? Only to have a brighter light shine to prove you wrong? As the star appeared to them in the night sky, and they chose to follow, it became brighter and brighter until they were in HIS presence.

Choosing to follow. Searching for brighter light in all aspects of life. 2015 is the year of the light with plans to move mental, spiritual and physical elements not so much from darkness, but from a former dimness, into a brighter light. This year, Let your light shine! Let it be brighter. Maybe it will make your own path brighter? Or illuminate the dark path for another?

Illuminating yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world

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