Nadine On…the 0500 Club

I’m a member of an elite group of women I know who wake up together at 0500…ish. By ish, I mean, we wake up somewhere within that hour. Mollie is first up at 0500. While I’m up at and 0515 and the other ladies Melissa, Alisha, Lucci and Abby fall into suit thereafter. Point is, we’re up! Why? Because we have things to do! From being in business for ourselves to writing to working out and more.

After finding out that I work out in the mornings, a shocked someone recently asked me, do you work out at 0500?! Of course not! Silly, I don’t work out till 06:00!

I do get up and get with it and not because I’m a morning person. Au contraire! My preference has always been to be a night owl. And on mornings, after a late night of writing, I am one grouchy zombie. It is just that I have the same 24 that you do and I have a whole hell of a lot of stuff to do!

Like meditating, writing, working, staying fit and getting healthier, being Mommy to my furry babies, being a Gmaw and a wife/mother/daughter/friend. Spinning numerous plates at once makes me happy!

I am so serious. My life feels empty unless I have at least half a dozen things going at once. And I’m not weird. There are a lot more out there like me. I’m a multi-tasking Queen! In addition to being a HFTP Queen of course.

At that hour, my mind races with all the tasks of my day. So i use my iPhone to keep me on track with a daily list of tasks. Not to worry, those tasks can easily be moved to the next day. A fan of “why do today what you can put off tomorrow,” I also possess the procrastination gene. A character flaw and I hate it.

Because being organized, getting things accomplished, scratching items off my to-do list is one of my favorite pastimes.

So, it starts with a 0500 Club that checks in daily to make me accountable. How about you? Something you would be interested in? PM me, I’m up!

Forever Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed yours, NOT!

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world!

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