Nadine On…Lent, aka/The Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine

Forty days of sacrifice, self-improvement and a chance to help others is already here! It’s tomorrow!  And I’m stoked!

Lent is an awesome time to reflect about those New Year’s Resolutions gone bad. A time to re-birth, rejuvenate and re-invent you.

But it’s not just about giving something up; although, if you’ve got some bad habits or some areas of your life that need improvement, no better time than during lent. I certainly do suggest you reflect on those, as I will on mine. Additionally, it is a time to reach out and do something nice for someone else.

And you don’t have to be Catholic to do it.

While many people love the Christmas season and celebrate with vigor for 4-6 weeks before it actually ‘is’ Christmas Day, I consider myself an Easter person. Don’t misunderstand, I like Christmas for all the right reasons.  I think. But I LOVE Easter.

I’m fascinated by the whole pagan versus religious history of Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Fishless Friday’s, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday Vigil and finally beautiful Easter Morning.

Ok, so here’s the pitch. For the next Forty days, I’m giving up the customary Chocolate. So, no Girl Scout cookies for me! Good thing they freeze well. And I have plans to get that 30 minute workout in. Every. Single. Day.

Also, with the exception of the Daily Mantra, I am giving Facebook, so I can get more done. More writing, more balance between that whole New Year’s Resolution thing of mind, body and spirit.

And, I’m giving up cuss words. DAMMIT! Because, once again, it is an extreme difficult thing for me to let go of the cusswords. Jose will probably find me tonight at 10 minutes to midnight sitting in a corner, chocolate in one hand and computer in the other dropping the F-Bomb as many times as I can till the clock strikes midnight! Grrrrrrr.  It’s THAT hard for me.

My sweet friend, Caffeine, usually gives up coffee as her Lenten sacrifice. But that is her, not me. Not in this lifetime. Not ever. But hey! Go Caffeine!

If I’ve got to give up cusswords and chocolate, then I’m damn well keeping my coffee.

I also will NOT be giving up wine.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this: Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine.

For the next Forty days, Nadine will attempt to help you and herself find the balance between mind/body/spirit. Since she is the Self-Appointed Life Coach to Many and to several famous stars, who, for now, will remain nameless, she has a plethora of experience. And she is willing to share, during this Lenten season, with all of you.

She will address everything beginning with Your Mind? What are you doing with your mind? What are you putting into your mind? What do you spend time dwelling on? How ARE your relationships? How’s your job? How’s your Momma and them?

Your Body? What kind of nutrition do you have? How does good/bad nutrition affect you? What are your exercise habits? How do you kick those bad habits while incorporating the good?

Your Spirit? Where are you spiritually? What kind of journey are you on?  How do you share it with others? Do you share it with others? Or keep it to yourself?

I really look forward to people sharing on the blog.  Sharing ideas, struggles, journeys and how it all integrates and relates to make you feel whole.

Sacrificially yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world!

2 thoughts on “Nadine On…Lent, aka/The Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine

  1. Another well-written and entertaining post. I have decided, because I love my family, I am not giving up coffee. Also, I think, I become too fixated on my sacrifice, and lose the focus of Lent. This year, and I still have a few hours to change my mind, I am going to work on discipline. I am becoming too aware of all the hours I waste not doing what I ought to, and the wasted hours beating myself up for not doing what I ought’r. I will eliminate sweets. I drink my coffee black, and my wine ain’t sweet. They will continue to be my companions over the next 40 days. Exercise, reading more, less computer time, more spiritual growth, and being a kind, non-judgmental, compassionate person are all on my Lenten To-do List. I am also taking 40 days 40 bags o’ crap challenge. Cleaning, organizing, recycling and tossing 40 bags or boxes will be a family goal. I will break it to the family after I serve them their King cake. Have a wonderful Lent. It IS one of the best times of year. For me, it is the real New Years Resolution.

  2. I’m going to give up “giving-up”…. Just call me #justmakeadecision – #bedecisive – #Msexecutivedecisionmaker – so tired of folks (not any of the people of the HFTP group) not being able to make a simple decision, without a truck load of hem-hawing, duh’s, and whatevers. So for now, I’m keeping my coffee, chocolate, Not cursing (really have been trying to totally quit), and other vices.
    And making that decision, on purpose, and on my own!!!

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