Nadine On…The Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine-Day 5-Mind

The mind has much more than the power to let go of the negativity, heal, or keep you mindfully engaged. Your beautiful mind has the unlimited power to move and explore, challenge, stretch the limits and boundaries of your universe and that of others.

Why are you limiting your own potential? What ARE you reading? Writing? Painting? Inventing? Creating? Pursuing on a daily basis to achieve greatness?

While we sit in our houses at night, glued to what my father would call the “idiot box” we limit our own potential. We rely on the insightful opinions of others to influence us and creations of others to entertain us; when, instead, we should be the ones forming our own opinions and creations.

We scroll through a bunch of crap or fluff just to fill the time. Nobody reads much anymore. And books have become ‘nooks’ and a whole generation of people no longer values libraries or book stores. I shudder each time I see another book store close. And I cherish my time in an Indie Bookstore. Pretty soon, I fear, we will be like the people in the Book of Eli. If you have seen the movie, let me suggest you go and borrow the book from the library and read it. It is an excellent read.

If you want to fix your trailer park, turn off the TV and the constant Facebook feed, grab a good book and spend some quiet time reading, break out your paints or beads or tools, put paper to pen (or I-pad word document) Let your imagination get carried away! Stretch those creative muscles. Explore yourself.

Creatively yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole wide world

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