Nadine On…The Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine-Day 6-Mind

Yesterday we created, explored and imagined.

Today, we are going to be still.

Just for a few minutes, please sit still.

Too many times we are plotting/planning the next move that we forget to just be still. It’s almost like we want the quiet to hurry up and be over with because of the anticipation of all of the activity to come. We are missing something here. There is peace and joy in the quiet times of the day.

My favorite quiet time is in the morning, with that first cup of coffee, where no one speaks and the only sound I hear is the even snoring of my dogs. I prefer the roar of the ocean, but until I can move there, I’ll take what I can get.

And again in the evening, when I shut my house down, turn down the Television, or God forbid, turn it off?! Turn off most of the lights with exception of some low lights that provide a soft glow and gear myself towards a restful sleep. Tea cup in hand. Good book to lull me to sleep.

If you’re like me, it doesn’t take long to sack out if I’m warm and still.

The easiest way to find peace is to be still.

Perfectly still and peacefully yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world

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