Nadine answers questions about writing

What do you write?

Not all that hard to explain. But, for some (read my Mother), it may be hard to hear.

I write paranormal house-wife porn. And satire. And humor, sometimes.

This is especially hard to hear for my Mother, because she isn’t tuned to my genre so much, even if she is my blog’s biggest fan. Before I started writing, I started out reading. I read all the usual stuff of the day that would now be labeled PG. But I also read whatever Mother was reading.  She read a lot back then, from Collins to Capote, Puzo to Tolkien and back. I’m grateful to her for my exposure to literature, because growing up, there weren’t any Clean Reader police out there to tell me what I could or couldn’t read…or write. Had there been, I might not have been able to read Helter Skelter, The World is Full of Married Men, The Carpet Baggers and The Happy Hooker by age 12. Thanks Momma for letting me have unlimited access to your vast library.  And you wonder why she isn’t tuned in.

Paranormal house-wife porn is very tongue in cheek to me. Really, my books aren’t nasty. But they do have elements of romantic suspense. And your garden variety Genies.

I like to write satire because it allows me to express my inner smart aleck. There are just so many things I could write about that this well never runs dry.

And I like to be funny and entertain people. It makes me happy to see you happy.

Now for the Why do I write?

Here are but just a few answers:

To avoid having to use my group discount at the crazy house.

To stay sane.

To stay grounded.

To remain free from 12-step programs.

Where do I write?

At my kitchen table.

Sitting on my chaise lounge in the library at my house.


Or on my I-phone anywhere I happen to be and the mood strikes me. So, yes, pretty much anywhere.

When do I write?


Literarily yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole wide world

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