Coffee Talk with Nadine

Coffee Talk with Nadine
Twirling so many plates at once can make even the most staunch of trailer park Queens dizzy from the spin.
In this episode of As The Trailer Park Twirls we find our heroine dizzier than a blonde in Hollywood. 

New job acclamations, relocations, Contractor woes, temp staging of relocating kids, car trouble x 3 weeks now, familial estate disputes and all with a broken hand! 

The new job rocks. Love what I do. Love my staff and new work friends. But still, I miss the comfort and security of the old job. Half way through and hopeful that the six month mark passes soon. 

Contractor woes have almost sent me and Jose’ off the end of the cliff. In fact, just a few weeks ago we were standing on the throttle and holding hands about to drive off into the abyss. But at the last minute Jose’ swerved the car and a new Contractor was found. Praise Jesus!

“It’s so great to relocate!” That’s been our mantra. And it didn’t take long for the kids to chime in. We love them. We do! But for about 10 days in the very near future that love is soon to be tested. Stand by for more blog posts. There’s your warning. 

Emmitt Smith, my 2007 VW convertible, has been in and out of the car shop for coming up on 3 weeks now. First he needed a new transmission according to the Island car guy who held him hostage for 8 days without doing one single thing! Now the new Mainland car guy has him for one day and says it may not be. Better Business Bureau is on hold.

Familial estate disputes. Can’t elaborate on that one right now. But if you have ever dealt with this in your lifetime…woe is you. I’ve seen it done well. And all shake hands and remain family. And I’ve seen it done Not so well and it becomes ugly. All I can say at this time is have a personal “Will” and place a copy in each of your loved ones hands. I have a bad feeling this one is about to take a nose dive to the South Pole. 

And a broken hand that restricts a lot of activity. Especially the one I love most, riding. Which connects back to the car trouble. 

So there’s your trouble. It’s not ever easy. We all have hiccups. Hopefully temporarily. 

I know, we trailer park Queens have a knack for making it look easy. But trust me, it’s all smoke and mirrors. 

Dizzily yours, 

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world

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