Nadine on…The Discernment between Fear and Danger


I woke up again last night at 2:48 a.m. With the same fearful thoughts in my mind. 

How many times does this happen to you? You wake up in the night startled or with an overwhelming sense of fear? Or complete dread?

Once is enough for me.

What do you do?

What I do is start praying. First I pray that Jesus takes the devil out of my mind. Then I start thanking God for ALL of the abundance I have. And then I pray for the situation that woke me up with those feelings. 

JC today speaks along the same lines. Don’t waste your time mulling over the small stuff. Because it can consume you. And then you have no reserve for the big stuff. 

Don’t spend too much time dwelling or worrying about things over which you have no control. Ring familiar? 

Oh to be more like our idol Miss Scarlett O’Hara! 

Danger IS real. Fear is not. Training ourselves in the discernment between those two can make for one happy family trailer park! 

Discerningly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 

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