Coffee Talk with Nadine…Your Life vs. No Longer An Option


Recently I know a young woman who made a bad choice. In the beginning, she beat herself up about it. At least that shows she has a conscience. In satire she even wore a sweatshirt that said “last place” and posted a picture of herself on social media. 

This is a beautiful and talented young woman with TONS of potential. 

It’s just a hiccup in the road. No one got hurt. No one is going to die. 

She made a bad decision.

We all do. 

She will most likely make another bad decision again. 

We all will.

But the point of all of this is will she make the ‘same’ bad decision again?Knowing her as I do, likely not. 

Her future is bright and shiny. She will move on after the recovery. This time, hopefully for her, the rehab process will be shortened by the help of others who shall remain nameless. 

Others who have made the same or similar mistakes. 

What should you do? Recognize when others need a hand up. Don’t beat them up when they are already doing it to themselves. 

Once again, as Daddy would say, “I told you so has a brother. And his name is Shut the Hell Up.”

Don’t Look Back. Once you choose a path then the other path is no longer an option. What’s done is now done.

Mistakenly yours, 

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world

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