Coffee Talk with Nadine

Step children are hard. Ok…if we’re being honest here let’s face it they are down right difficult. For those that have them I know you can relate. For those that don’t well La-De-Insert expletative-Da!
Jose and I made a pact early on…I would handle my dysfunctional Ex and difficult children and he would handle his. It’s worked pretty well so far. There has been peace in the Trailer Park. 

Until now. 

I made the mistake of trying to reach out. Trying, too hard I might add, to help my sweet Baboo to repair a bridge that had been long neglected. I repeat, I made the mistake. 


It’s burnt pretty well to a crisp. Sorta like last nights last gluten free pancake. 

I got distracted on the phone with Mawdine and burned that puppy to a crisp!

Gluten free…shades of clean eating. But that’s another blog post. 

Back to the story. Step-kids. I’ve had my share. Some have been easy. Thank you favorite son. And some have been difficult. 

I can’t deal.

All I can do is be as good of a Trailer Park wife to Jose’ as I possibly can. 

At least they can’t complain about that. 

Life isn’t perfect. It’s got it’s share of hiccups. We will get through this together. Cause we told them all in the beginning…it’s y’all against US! And we are going on 9 years strong. 

Exes, Kids and Step-Kids will come and go. 

But Nadine and Jose’ stand strong hand in hand in the Trailer Park. 

Evil Wickedly Step-Motherly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world