Nadine on…Co-dependence


An Elephant named ‘Co-Dependence’
There is this elephant in the room. And his name is Co-Dependence.
He’s standing right there! I can’t believe you don’t seem him. He is toxic to you. 

At first, no one really notices him, because initially he’s kinda small. He’s sneaky like that. He just sits there all cute-like there while everyone tip toes around him. 

As he feeds on insecurities and pain he begins to grow a little each day. Like all baby ‘anythings’ he gets bigger. And bigger. 

Kind of like when you start to get a little fat. The pounds add on a little each day and you hardly notice them. Until the scale tops the high end and you suddenly wake up and none of your pants fit! 

Just like your pants the elephant named Co-Dependence gets too big for his britches. It’s too late when you realize it. He is huge!!! And he is manipulative. As everyone, not just you, moves towards the walls in order to squeak past. He continues to grow a little bit each day. 

What began as a seemingly harmless creature of comfort has once again become a very large problem. He is a problem and you can’t breathe again because you are pressed to the walls. You find yourself in a place where you NEED him but you no longer want him. Co-dependence consumes you. Consumes your life. 

You know what you need to do. 

You need to shoot the elephant. No one else can shoot him for you. Life will hand you the bazooka fully loaded but it’s your job to pull the trigger. 

Get off the hamster wheel. Admit there is a problem. 

Go find your peace. 

And don’t ever go back. 

Independence is worth a whole lot more in the long run. 

Independently yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world!

2 thoughts on “Nadine on…Co-dependence

  1. This is so true! I am battling this temporarily living with my adult kids. I find myself keeping house like I used to, doing too many dishes, extra shopping and cooking. We are having a talk this evening about chore lists, etc. just like I did when they were kids! Ahh sometimes you have to re-fight battles that you thought were done. Looking forward to living alone at the end of the year. Thanks Nadine for the reminder. Love ya!

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