Happy (40th) Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is his most important birthday! How do you think he would be celebrating 40 years of sobriety? 

Im pretty sure he’s sitting at a table with one or two people talking over a cup of very strong black coffee. 

Lucky him…He took 34 years of sobriety with him to the grave. 
Lucky. Not lucky. It was hard work for him. Every.Single.Day. 
Addictions are nasty and ugly and nobody wants to talk about them. 

There are addictions to drugs and alcohol, sex, food, and stress and even drama. 
It is the rare few that want to take the first baby step admitting there is a problem.

And we are all very quick to judge each other for our addictions.

Well at least I don’t smoke a pack a day! Indignant. Oh no!!! You just eat a pack of Oreos a day! 
Or at least I’m not a drunk. Really? You just constantly gossip on Facebook, stir the pot, or act like a drama queen and watch reality TV shows from daylight to dusk.

I know what Daddy would say. I can still hear his voice.
Pick your poison. 
Find some help.

You’ve gotta take that first step all by yourself baby. But after that, there are plenty of people who can help you. (Grin)
Happy Birthday Daddy.

I love you two.


Nadine Bodine
Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world.