Happy Easter/April Fools’ Day

So today is Easter Sunday! And as an added bonus it is April Fools Day! Many have questioned the synchronicity of the two; however, I see it as the perfect communion in God’s eyes. My G-maw always said that God watches over drunks, old people, children, crazies and fools. Sounds like perfect timing to me! As always Gods time is perfect time.

In addition to deciding where to go to church(still searching for the right fit), planning a meal for just two people seemed daunting (since I was taught to cook for no less than 6-8 people.) But the little sign above my kitchen window that reads ‘Simplify’ made it clear.

Knowing I could never keep up with my Aunt Cuisine, and keeping in line with the ‘simple’ theme our menu fell into place. Cuisine’s menu compared to mine is shown below.

Happy Easter Sunday morning to y’all! And Happy April Fools Day as well!

Keep it Simple.

If you need me I’ll be in the Trailer Park test kitchen slaving over a hot microwave all day! May God’s peace be with you as you celebrate however big or small!

Keeping it simply yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole wide world