Nadine…on making mistakes

I make mistakes.


You know, the usual kind like talking too much, or not enough.

Giving advice when it isn’t sought out; or withholding advice when it’s asked for. As the ‘Self-Appointed Life Coach to Many’ I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is finding the balance with this one!

Paying too much attention to something that Really does not deserve my attention;and ignoring something that does.

Focusing on really big stuff and completely overlooking the small.

A frequent Daddy-ism was, “The only time I ‘thought’ I was wrong I was wrong!” Ha. Funny not funny Daddy. He had his share of wrongs. And he admitted them frequently.

It is ok to make mistakes.

It is good to recognize when you do. And it is good to let yourself off the hook as well after you apologize to others. Apologize. Accept you are a little less than perfect and then move on.

My Momma sums it up with a frequent saying, “Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff…and it’s all small stuff!”

She’s right you know. She’s my Momma. And she’s always right. Except when Daddy said she was wrong!

So cut yourself some slack here. Take a little time and distance to figure out what went wrong. Apologize. Fix it if you can. And then move on.

And call me if you need advice. I am always here for you! Cold hands. Warm black heart.🖤🖤

Mistakenly and apologetically yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Fear of flying…it’s no metaphor

In the opening chapter of Jong’s book, we find our heroine at odds with herself and the new wave of feminism. As she sorts out what to do to fulfill her sexual fantasies outside of her marriage the reader is exposed to the dawning feminism of the times.

For me, the fear of flying is no metaphor. It’s an absolute truth founded in an inaugural flight from Dallas to San Antonio, Texas. I was 14 years old. The anticipation of my first time to fly in an airplane was overwhelmingly exciting. One, I had never flown in an airplane before; and two, I had never been to San Antonio. So it was double the fun and excitement.

Anticipating the trip I think I probably packed a week in advance. Carefully laying out my clothes and shoes for each outfit. Not forgetting a sweater because my grandmother had reminded me of a previous car trip where the humidity on the river walk caused the windows of the air-conditioned restaurant to sweat and me to freeze to death!

I was stoked!

But as Mother Nature would have it a storm was between us and our destination. The term ‘Turbulent Flight’ would be an understatement. It was bloody awful. And a Bloody Mary would have been just what the doctor ordered had I been an adult.

As I watched the lady’s drink across the aisle I saw an amazing demonstration in the law of physics! While gravity took with it the cup sitting on the tray table…the ice and the liquid remained momentarily suspended until it caught up and sloshed in the glass. Leaving a bright red spray all over the woman, the seat in front of her and me! in it’s wake.

In addition to the lady’s drink, my stomach also remained momentarily suspended. I almost puked from the gravitational pull. In a word it was awful.

Today I succumb to a variety of pre-flight measures to ensure I don’t climb the walls of the cabin or hurl. First there is a healthy dose Dramamine. Followed by self-medication of about a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s in the local airport bar. And then…if it’s timed just right, before I pass out into a coma, I might let you drag me onto that flight!

The spark of anxiety that was ignited from that first flight haunts me still. Unfortunately, air travel for me is a necessary evil. I absolutely hate to fly. Why fly when you can ride or drive? IDK.

But I do it because life just cannot be filled with fears of flying.

My only prayer is that when my ship comes in…I won’t be stuck at the damn airport!

Fearfully flyingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

The Voice

The first voice I usually hear each morning is the water. The ocean.

Just three blocks off the beach most city people assume it is traffic. I find that funny and a little sad too.

But it isn’t traffic. It’s Mother Nature’s voice calling. She speaks.

Most days she is calm and quiet and what you mostly hear is a whisper that gently blows past your ears. But you may only hear her if you are still and quiet.

On other days she roars like a lion past your ears, and you not only hear her, but, you ‘feel’ and ‘see’ her breath in the wind. She breathes on the trees bending them to her will. They may be tall and proud yet they bend with grace to her voice.

I love the ocean. And as long as I can remember I have felt the pull.

Apparently I am not alone. While traveling in North Carolina I am told of a woman who came for my same training. She was from Colorado. She could not stand that she was so close, yet so far, from the ocean…3 hours! So she rented a car and drove there by herself. Staying up all night and driving herself back in time for class. Now that was one strong connection.

I feel the same way.

I miss my SaltLife, and I can’t wait to be back home and hear her voice.

Saltly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Photo credit ~ Michael Argo of Galveston, Texas

Meet Nadine’s Trailer Park Family

Introducing Jose’

Jose’ is Nadine Bodine’s last and final rose husband.

He embodies every single thing she is not.

He is kind and compassionate to a flaw. He would ‘literally’ give you the shirt off of his back or his last dollar. Much like Nadine’s Daddy. Which is why God sent Nadine to him so he doesn’t end up taken advantage of…or broke.

Jose’ attended the School of Hard Knocks via the United States Marine Corps. He is brilliantly techy smart and can probably take apart a C-1-5 or a Harley Davidson and put it back together in his sleep. With no left over parts.

He is funny and witty beyond belief and keeps her in stitches.

And he is an incredible nerd which explains his appeal to her.

On any given Sunday he can be found fishing, watching football or chilling and grilling in their back yard oasis.

Jose’ loves God, his country and his family. In that order. He is erroneously patriotic. He can identify three colors: red, white and blue. All people to him are green.

He is the consummate patriarch because Nadine gave him his man-card back when she married him. Which explanations why he is so fiercely loyal to her. That and she makes a mean Chocolate Pie.

(Nadine is one smart cookie. She knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.)

So there you have it. Jose’ Bodine.

A Renaissance man for all seasons. Who couldn’t love a guy like that?!


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Hearts may agree…though heads may differ

Being a Moderate is the new black. @waylonlewis

I woke up Caring today. A lot.

I CARE if people are so afraid to stay in their home countries that the fear of climbing into a very small, less than sea-worthy, boat is grossly less than the fear of staying on the dry land.

I also care if the people who come across our borders are dangerous. And criminal rejects from the countries they are fleeing.

I CARE if women are subject to life’s cruel tricks of becoming pregnant before they are mentally/physically/emotionally ready and decide to terminate a pregnancy because of the aforementioned reasons. And if men are sucked into fatherhood/marriage before they have had a chance to explore life on their own.

I also care if children are mistreated emotionally/physically/financially because their parents could not face the idea of an abortion or were shamed into parenting before they were ready.

I CARE if people take a hard firm line in the sand based on their unwavering beliefs and values and alienate themselves from the very ones they love and adore.

And I care if people have no value system with which to navigate their course. Blindly following the masses who have no idea what direction is up.

I CARE if Veterans and Seniors have to stand in line or wait for approval for adequate medical services while others who have never served our country or done their time receive those services prior to taking steps in establishing citizenship.

I also care if people who are in need for adequate medical services don’t receive them timely.

I CARE if people are bullied, ostracized, segregated, passed over or otherwise discriminated against due to their race, color, age, religious or sexual preferences.

I also care if people stack and play every.single.victim. card they can in order to manipulate the system and get their way.

I CARE if people get sucked into false beliefs based on a feeling that they must choose either this side or that one. Because if they don’t they will be labeled as ‘not caring’ or ‘caring too much’.

I care. I Care. I CARE.

Moderate and Caringly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Choose to be Kind

Kindness is in our power , even when fondness is not. ~ Samuel Johnson

Reflecting on my own opportunities to be kind to others even when I was less than fond of their opinions or behaviors I have arrived at the quote above.

It embodies my whole thought process about politics and religion and disagreements with friends and family. It weighs heavily on me as I respond in person and on social media.

Discussions on both sides of the current immigration issue continue to ensue. Each side weighing in. Supporting their argument with videos, articles and opinion pieces. Some sources unbiased. Some sources grossly tainted with vitriolic language.

Choosing not to drink the Kool-aid I feel stuck in the middle. Waiting for the jury to come back on this one. Certainly not wanting to be one of the “I told you so’s.” Because as Daddy always said, “I told you so has a brother…and his name is SHUT THE HELL UP!”

But here’s the point…responding or choosing not to respond is on me. I can choose to kindly respond. I do not have to be unkind when I disagree with anyone.

And we can STILL be friends.

Kindly submitted,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Disagreement without Disrespect

Of late, my social media page has become the stomping grounds, literally, of some very political militance. From both sides of the isle.

And moi, in the middle, has received tongue lashings from both sides. Both publicly and behind the scenes.

Hey! I’ve just tried to maintain a safe place to make eye-contact!

Where everyone’s opinions are valued and no personal attack’s are tolerated. But apparently I failed to mention…You are free to discuss and state your opinions unless you make a personal attack…on Me!…as well as others. There. So happy to have clarified that.

I didn’t vote for the guy. Nor did I vote for his predecessor. But I STILL respect the Office…and more importantly, the Person. Something I will maintain that we all continue to do. Moving forward.

Because isn’t that just it? We continue to move forward. We talk out our differences and share ideas to become better than our parents or our grandparents?

I think so.

So please do feel free to share your opinions, arguments and knowledge. Just don’t bite the hand that feeds ya! Mmmk?


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the Whole Wide World 🌎