Disagreement without Disrespect

Of late, my social media page has become the stomping grounds, literally, of some very political militance. From both sides of the isle.

And moi, in the middle, has received tongue lashings from both sides. Both publicly and behind the scenes.

Hey! I’ve just tried to maintain a safe place to make eye-contact!

Where everyone’s opinions are valued and no personal attack’s are tolerated. But apparently I failed to mention…You are free to discuss and state your opinions unless you make a personal attack…on Me!…as well as others. There. So happy to have clarified that.

I didn’t vote for the guy. Nor did I vote for his predecessor. But I STILL respect the Office…and more importantly, the Person. Something I will maintain that we all continue to do. Moving forward.

Because isn’t that just it? We continue to move forward. We talk out our differences and share ideas to become better than our parents or our grandparents?

I think so.

So please do feel free to share your opinions, arguments and knowledge. Just don’t bite the hand that feeds ya! Mmmk?


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the Whole Wide World 🌎

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