Hearts may agree…though heads may differ

Being a Moderate is the new black. @waylonlewis

I woke up Caring today. A lot.

I CARE if people are so afraid to stay in their home countries that the fear of climbing into a very small, less than sea-worthy, boat is grossly less than the fear of staying on the dry land.

I also care if the people who come across our borders are dangerous. And criminal rejects from the countries they are fleeing.

I CARE if women are subject to life’s cruel tricks of becoming pregnant before they are mentally/physically/emotionally ready and decide to terminate a pregnancy because of the aforementioned reasons. And if men are sucked into fatherhood/marriage before they have had a chance to explore life on their own.

I also care if children are mistreated emotionally/physically/financially because their parents could not face the idea of an abortion or were shamed into parenting before they were ready.

I CARE if people take a hard firm line in the sand based on their unwavering beliefs and values and alienate themselves from the very ones they love and adore.

And I care if people have no value system with which to navigate their course. Blindly following the masses who have no idea what direction is up.

I CARE if Veterans and Seniors have to stand in line or wait for approval for adequate medical services while others who have never served our country or done their time receive those services prior to taking steps in establishing citizenship.

I also care if people who are in need for adequate medical services don’t receive them timely.

I CARE if people are bullied, ostracized, segregated, passed over or otherwise discriminated against due to their race, color, age, religious or sexual preferences.

I also care if people stack and play every.single.victim. card they can in order to manipulate the system and get their way.

I CARE if people get sucked into false beliefs based on a feeling that they must choose either this side or that one. Because if they don’t they will be labeled as ‘not caring’ or ‘caring too much’.

I care. I Care. I CARE.

Moderate and Caringly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

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