Meet Nadine’s Trailer Park Family

Introducing Jose’

Jose’ is Nadine Bodine’s last and final rose husband.

He embodies every single thing she is not.

He is kind and compassionate to a flaw. He would ‘literally’ give you the shirt off of his back or his last dollar. Much like Nadine’s Daddy. Which is why God sent Nadine to him so he doesn’t end up taken advantage of…or broke.

Jose’ attended the School of Hard Knocks via the United States Marine Corps. He is brilliantly techy smart and can probably take apart a C-1-5 or a Harley Davidson and put it back together in his sleep. With no left over parts.

He is funny and witty beyond belief and keeps her in stitches.

And he is an incredible nerd which explains his appeal to her.

On any given Sunday he can be found fishing, watching football or chilling and grilling in their back yard oasis.

Jose’ loves God, his country and his family. In that order. He is erroneously patriotic. He can identify three colors: red, white and blue. All people to him are green.

He is the consummate patriarch because Nadine gave him his man-card back when she married him. Which explanations why he is so fiercely loyal to her. That and she makes a mean Chocolate Pie.

(Nadine is one smart cookie. She knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.)

So there you have it. Jose’ Bodine.

A Renaissance man for all seasons. Who couldn’t love a guy like that?!


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

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