The Voice

The first voice I usually hear each morning is the water. The ocean.

Just three blocks off the beach most city people assume it is traffic. I find that funny and a little sad too.

But it isn’t traffic. It’s Mother Nature’s voice calling. She speaks.

Most days she is calm and quiet and what you mostly hear is a whisper that gently blows past your ears. But you may only hear her if you are still and quiet.

On other days she roars like a lion past your ears, and you not only hear her, but, you ‘feel’ and ‘see’ her breath in the wind. She breathes on the trees bending them to her will. They may be tall and proud yet they bend with grace to her voice.

I love the ocean. And as long as I can remember I have felt the pull.

Apparently I am not alone. While traveling in North Carolina I am told of a woman who came for my same training. She was from Colorado. She could not stand that she was so close, yet so far, from the ocean…3 hours! So she rented a car and drove there by herself. Staying up all night and driving herself back in time for class. Now that was one strong connection.

I feel the same way.

I miss my SaltLife, and I can’t wait to be back home and hear her voice.

Saltly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

Photo credit ~ Michael Argo of Galveston, Texas

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