Nadine on…Centering

Mondays, for me, are always the beginning. Nothing helps me bring things back to center better than a Monday. It’s a fresh start. A new week. An opportunity to re-invent myself.

Mondays are fresh linens and a clean house. A menu planned and the groceries to prepare that food with.

Mondays are good intentions for the whole week. New hope, if you will.

They are shiny and bright…not yet tarnished by the obstacles and little hic-cups that may block the path of the best laid plans.

Mondays are anything but boring because inside a Monday lays the plan for the whole week!

Lists and menus are made. Phone calls/emails/text messages with family & friends to fulfill those plans.

What does your Monday look like?

Here’s mine. Probably not all that different from yours.

Monday – study, work on eliminating pile of crappeth on my table, laundry, swim

Tuesday – study, clean, shop, ride bicycle on Seawall

Wednesday – RIDE! Early before it gets hotter than a firecracker, BBQ yard bird, walk to Seawall drink adult beverages and have picnic and watch BIG Firework show

Thursday – study, wait anxiously for G-babies to arrive, swim

Friday – test, play

Saturday – Play on the Beach

Sunday – Church, Play some more

Recycle. Rinse. Repeat. Next week you get another go. Stay centered or get centered if you can. You have a clean slate. Make a fresh start with your goals and plans for the week.

I hope the plans for your week workout like you want them to. And I hope all is well in your trailer park for the 4th of July!

Centeredly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

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