Summer Mind Detoxification

Summer Mind Detoxification

Hello! Welcome to the seventeenth day of summer with drizzly skies and promises of indoor activities or maybe a trip to the local Book Shop. Possibly a chance to snuggle on the couch under a quilt and watch an old movie or two? Or maybe reading a novel until we slip off to a dreamy sleep.

Very much the opposite of the sixteenth day of summer where it was sunny and warm. Longing and remembering the first day of summer? Remember that first day of the season that you really feel warm? (big heaving sigh)That deliciousness when you lay or sit in the sunshine for the first time of the season and you can literally ‘feel’ your bones thawing from the inside out? Yes. That.


And while there may be that errant bug that lands on the part of your back that you can’t reach… and as long as he doesn’t bite you really don’t mind as you reach for your book and a sip of frosty deliciousness in your new plastic beach-proof martini glass.

The first days of summer always make me reminiscent of riding bicycles or swimming till dark thirty. And laying in the grass absent mindedly pulling St. Augustine from the lawn, blade by blade, while talking to your BFF for hours. Yes. That too.

Relaxing times spent in hammocks and wonderful novels. The aromatic smell of ribs cooking on the BBQ grill.


Peace of mind.

All IS right in your world.

While the coming of Spring is filled with new birds calling, cleaning out and planting of gardens and flowers and intermittent rain showers…Summer is full of birds at play, gardens and flowers in full bloom, glorious sunshine and walks on the beach at dark thirty.

Welcome Summer.

Glad you keep coming back! Rain or shine.

Radiantly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

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