Meet Nadine’s Trailer Park Family

Meet Nadine’s Trailer Park Family

Who was Hooter-Bob?

There once lived a man who was the most Renaissance man I have ever had the fortune to know. His street name was Hooter-Bob. He had street creed. And Cooking for the Masses was his super power.

He had a lot of super powers back in the day when super powers were abundantly distributed to one person. Nowadays, people are lucky to have one, maybe two. Hooter-Bob had many.

He could take a 1950 A-D Chevrolet Loadmaster, 261, 3-on-the-tree apart and put it back together. He machined his own replacement parts. He could hunt, clean and cook his own kill. He served gratuitously in the U.S.Army during Vietnam. He was hilariously funny. He was educated, book smart, street smart and he was well-read. He had a head so large that all of his hats had to be custom made. And a heart that was even larger.

Everything he ever cooked that Anyone ever ate was the best they had ever had. If he made BBQ chicken, then it truly was the Best BBQ Chicken you had ever had.

If he made brisket, then it was the Best brisket you had ever eaten.

And IF he made RIBS!!! Oh Praise God and pass the Ammunition!!! They WERE the very BEST ribs you had ever eaten in your entire life! Not kidding. His food was famous.

But, Hooter-Bob didn’t have a restaurant; he just had an early trailer park test kitchen. He would cook in his test kitchen, package it up, load it up and then deliver to his friends. Yeah. He did that. All the time.

And the side dishes? He could make a side dish better than any Baptist Pastor’s wife. And in half the time!

He could do things with a casserole dish that would make an entire ladies auxiliary stand at the ready with forks in hand just to gather around the dish for one bite!

Desserts? He could do those too! Homemade, name your fruit, cobblers…With!!…homemade ice cream. Just looking at them made your mouth water.

But the very BEST thing that Hooter-Bob created in his Trailer Park test kitchen were Hooter-Bob Burgers. Delicious. Nutritious. And just damn messy. The secret, he claimed, was in the sauce. But anyone, who knew him well, knew it wasn’t the sauce at all. It was the love.

You see, Hooter-Bob loved food alright. But he loved people even more. And he spread that love through the gift of food. It was his primary super power.

Reminiscingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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