As The Trailer Park Twirls ~ The Terrible Toothache

As The Trailer Park Twirls ~ The Terrible Toothache

In the trailer park there live a variety of people.

Some of them are stubborn.

One such people is a grumpy old navy bird who shall, for now, remain nameless. All I’ll say is he is married to my sweet Saint of a Momma, Maw-dine. And he has a toothache.

In the feeble attempt to offer as much homeopathic medical advice and expertise as I can legally, and just a few seconds short of the ‘have you tried the pillow treatment?’, they have arrived at the ‘lets call the provider’ option. A treatment option that was suggested almost 24 hours ago! Go figure.

In the trailer park we already know that ‘I told you so!’ has a brother and his name is ‘Shut the Hell up!’ What we didn’t know until just now is he has some cousins, ‘Coulda,’ ‘Woulda,’ and ‘Shoulda.’ And they play a starring role in this episode of As The Trailer Park Twirls.

Just a mere 24 hours ago it was humbly suggested they ‘could have’ called the provider. He refused. It was also suggested that he ‘would have’ considered using an over the counter anti-inflammatory and an ice pack to the affected area. He refused. And finally, it was suggested that he ‘should have’ gone to the emergency clinic on Friday afternoon instead of mowing the back forty!!! He refused and alas, our heroine was ignored on all three counts.

While the main character of this episode continues to suffer…and she is so sweet and such a good and sympathetic nurse…the supporting character remains dug in.

So, after 36 years of married bliss she knows enough to give him a kitchen pass and just let him stubbornly suffer and come to his own decision to seek medical intervention…all by himself.

A Saint that Maw-dine is!

One thing for sure…Toddlers, Teenagers, and Geri’s all have in common is given a choice between a viable option and an adverse one they will finally…on their own… come to the right choice!

Mother to Toddler, “Do you want to pick up all of your toys? Or do you want a spanking?”

Parent to Teenager, “Do you want to clean your room/do your homework/change into an outfit that is more appropriate for church? Or do you want to give me your I-pad/cell phone/car keys?”

Wife to Stubborn Spouse,

“Do you want to go to the Doctor? Or do you want to continue to suffer and die here alone while I step out to go shopping/play bridge/see a movie?”

Easy-peasy really. It’s all in how you word it.

As our heroine considers the ‘pillow treatment’ and the ‘Jackie Gleason treatment’ as her final options to ease her pain and put him out of her misery, she has humbly asked for prayer.

God bless Maw-dine!

I’m praying on it. Y’all please pray too!

Twirlingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

1 thought on “As The Trailer Park Twirls ~ The Terrible Toothache

  1. So, right now, he is in his chair, medicated with antibiotics and prescription pain med, eating soup, watching tv, with a pain level of “4”. And we have an appt with our ever-ready dentist, the Marvelous Dr. Paul, at 3:30 tomorrow. Long live Pawpaw!!! Maybe with a couple of teeth less than he has right now…!!! Nursingly Your BFF’s Loyal Wife of the Grumpy One, Mawdine

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