Coffee talk…with Nadine

Coffee Talk…with Nadine

~ The importance of choosing wise mentors ~

Raise your hand if you have at least five personal mentors. (raises hand enthusiastically)

I am so grateful to have such a blessing of in-laws and out-laws who are willing to mentor me on a regular basis. Their advice is not only sage, it is priceless! Seriously, there is no price tag you could ever place on the following advice:

“Never underestimate the power of a hissy fit.” ~ Glowdine

“You don’t have to make a lifetime decision in the next five minutes.” ~ Mawdine

“Eat some Chocolate. Here! I’ve made you a ho-made mayonnaise cake. From scratch.” ~ Cuisine

“I think we need to go ride.” ~ Ohmedine

“Let ‘em! Just let ‘em go!” ~ Quiserdine

See what I mean? Sage. And we are not talking about the spice.

Each one of the trailer park queens above have given me countless tips over the years about life and the culinary arts. Without their advice how could this blog be possible? And how else could we have a trailer park test kitchen?…with a cookbook in the making.

My mentors are all wonderful examples of fine trailer park Mommas and their wisdom goes waaaaay beyond their years. Their advice has made it possible for me to succeed in life, love and careers.

Whenever I find myself in a pickle I can call upon any one of them to bounce an idea around. And they never steer me wrong.

Here is the main point…YOU need at least 2-5 people like that in your life. Because if you are navigating this life course relying solely on your own wits, or those of your best friend, you may find yourself twirling in circles. And that’s not good. Not good for you or any other lives you may be responsible for.

When making your mentor selections make sure you consider a few things.

Be careful in your selection.

Do choose mentors who Don’t always tell you what you want to hear. Those people are literally called ‘friends’. They mean well. Instead, choose people who will kindly tell you the truth, in love. With Your best interest at heart.

Do make sure you have more than one mentor so you will have multiple sources. It is good to have a few options to consider when making major life decisions.

Do take a look at their own past track record of success…and/or learn from their mistakes. This one is very valuable.

Do use the time you need to reflect on their advice. Do not be in a hurry.

And here’s the advice from me…”Before you speak or commit…Do your own research and roll it around. Give anything that is important at least 24 hours of consideration before you make your decision.” Write it out in a piece of paper…pros vs. cons. And then pray about it.

Unless it is making a decision about black shoes…then go to the store and try on 3-4 that you like in your size. Pick the one best pair. Buy them and leave the store knowing you made a good selection. Obviously this story has a back story…for another time!

How do you know a mentor is great? You will know they are great because they don’t tell you what to do…they show you how it’s done. They all know that the best part of life is not keeping sound wisdom to themselves…it is pouring that wisdom into others. Without my mentors I would be lost…twirling and spinning in my own trailer park! I am grateful God has blessed me with five.

Thankfully yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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