Coffee talk…with Nadine

Just where DO you park your high horse?

Once, in fun, I posed that very question on social media. One of my witty friends snappily replied, “Any damn place I want to!”. She made us all laugh at the pure irony.

I ask that question now in all seriousness; because, it appears to me, most of us are not a big fan of being judged. It is a common thread that binds us all. Similar to family ties, just not as binding or choking. And nothing compares to that lethal judgement that can be dispensed by us Trailer Park Mommas.

Being pulled up short is never fun.

No one likes being judged; and yet, we all judge others. And the people who HATE being judged are the ones I see doing it with increasing frequency. Sometimes for the slightest little things! Why is that?

Here’s my theory.

It is our little ethnocentric trailer parks’ nature to look at someone else’s flaws and place an invisible measuring stick against our own; and, if their transgressions are even a tad bit worse than ours, then we feel a little but better about ourselves (points finger at self).

We have all been there. Looking across the street and thinking to ourselves…Well, we might not have the newest trailer in the park, but at least we’ve got underpinning! Yeah?

Or how about this one…Well, at least all 6 of my rug rats have the same Baby Daddy!

Or…My black roots may be coming in, but not as much as hers! Giirrrllllll?! Stop spending money smoking that dang vape and go and get your har-did! Ring familiar?

Finally, my personal favorite and ever popular…Well, at least I have only had to get my husband out of jail once so far this year!

Am I right? Of course I am. We are all so busy riding on our little high horses that we fail to empathize with those of us less fortunate.

Our eyes are so blinded by the log in them. Don’t you see?

(Pun intended.)

In the trailer park we try to maintain a high standard of being non-judgmental. Emphasis on the word ‘try’. Because we are human. And we do not always get it right. Most of the time we don’t get it right. But we keep aiming.

Maybe we have crawled up there and can’t remember how to get down?

It IS easy to be the critic. It is easier to arm-chair quarter back than to actually play in the game.

Here’s a suggestion…instead of being so darn judgmental let us come together and be a little kinder. Show some compassion. Put a hand out. Crawl back down off that high horse we have been riding.

Even if we think they don’t deserve it.

Judgmentally yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎

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