Instead of Rose-Colored glasses…

Instead of Rose-Colored glasses…

Hello, my name is Nadine, and I was addicted to an unhealthy way of fueling my body for the last 26 years.

Today, I am a healthy member of two online women’s only Keto groups.

Each day I check in to read about a few success stories, marvel at the transformations and to find a new recipe or two. I just LOVE the way women talk to each other in these groups! #WomenOnKeto. #HealthySelfHealThySelf.

With a membership of over 10,000 in one of these groups, I can find thousands of positive reinforcements, kind interactions, pearls of wisdom, and honest remarks daily.

Accountability is King…but with a liberal sprinkling of grace.

One of the things I see is how people can look at the same situation through two different lenses. Not so different from any other topics such as politics or religion…which are NOT discussed in these groups. Refreshing! Completely Verboten!!! (heaves big sigh) There is also no marketing or selling other than a healthy personal choice alternative to the crap that the AMA has been force feeding us since 1992; adopted from Sweden, the originator of the food pyramid concept since the mid-seventies.

One of the lenses people see through about changing their eating habits is to say “I can NEVER eat this food again.” Their approach is the half-empty viewpoint. Telling oneself that there is a boundary. A limit. A line. And you had better not cross it or else. I call this the negative perspective. Looking through the negative lens.

The other lense is the, “I don’t WANT to eat that EVER again because I CHOOSE not to. It might make me feel sick.” This approach is the half-full view. Still has limits. Still has boundaries. Still has a line that YOU now control. From my perspective this is a much more positive approach. No Rose-Colored glasses here. I am still accountable to over 10,000 strangers who are my Keto online sisters.

We all came here looking for a better way and we have found it together. We are stronger together. Lives have been changed for the good. You can see it in their healthy bodies and their smiling faces! And I celebrate a few of them each and every day with positive reinforcement and encouraging words. Share the outcome of a recipe or two. And it doesn’t cost me a thing!

I am not selling nor buying one single thing. Just advocating for greater health for all people. One of the main reasons I became a nurse.

Let me advocate for you…If you are still looking through those Rose-Colored glasses about what is healthy and good for you I encourage you to lay them down and take a look through a different lense. There might be a better way for you to consider? This lifestyle, or WOE (Way Of Eating) as the members call it, has had some amazing outcomes for me and Jose’ personally.

Of course the disclaimer to protect my license…I am not prescribing any specific diet or medications for you.

I am merely suggesting you remove your Rose-Colored glasses and look through a different lense at the options you have to change the way you live and eat; and, choose what is best for you.

Healthily (and 18 lbs down) yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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