That Key boy…

She did not expect to be alone so soon…or for so long a time.

Theirs was a love story.

She could not ever remember a time when she did not love him and only him.

It started simply enough on a warm Sunday morning in Texas. As early as it was, it was already hotter than blazes. Housed in the slot of the pew in front of her were little sturdy cardboard paper hand fans with pictures of Jesus on them. Many of the women, and, even a few of the men, would use them during the services to create a personal breeze. She used one now as she sat in the third pew with her Mother, Father and six other siblings; while, she sang hymns and tried to avoid the distraction of the heat by fanning herself.

But as much as she tried to focus on the pastors words, the distractors outnumbered them. People were repositioning and squirming from the heat as if their constant motion would somehow make them cooler.

For crying out loud!!!… It was August in Texas. And it was hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July.

In the distance she continually heard what sounded like an electric motorized buzz. Faint, but ever present, with a gunning sound attached to it and then for a few brief seconds just a quiet hum. Like a bee near your ear. It was just a little sound. More of an annoyance that continued to draw her attention away from the Pastor’s invoking message at the pulpit.

Eventually, the sound grew larger to the point that she could not concentrate on the Pastor’s words at all!

My Goodness! It was obnoxious!

It was loud!

The church windows were drawn up to their full mast post. The sound was now right outside the building. Like a swarm of bees in a hive warning you to turn back lest you endure their full wrath of vengeance. Deafening sounds of motors and throttles. And the fumes! Nasty. She covered her mouth and nose with her little purple flowered embroidered handkerchief she had tucked away in the pocket of her sweat soaked cotton dress.

Her little brother, Robert, 10 years old, could no longer sit still in the lineup. He hopped up and ran to the open window. “Look there!,” he shouted and pointed, “Its brother and that Key boy!”…

She was and still is in our hearts and on our minds. Rest In Peace sweet Mayda Elizabeth Key.


Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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