I’ve got your Magic Pill…right here.

A few words about Keto lifestyle and our new WOE (Way Of Eating) or How to avoid the inevitable train wreck as best you can.

Years ago a PBS speaker by the name of Covert Bailey proclaimed, “Fat is not the enemy…Sugar is!” He was absolutely right.

These days people our age around the trailer park are dropping like flies! Stroke! Heart attacks! Diabetes II! Cancer!

Yikes! Makes me want to help them if I can. But like that proverbial lightbulb…it doesn’t change unless it wants to change. Ba-dum-path! (insert sound of crashing symbol)

Wonder why you feel like crap all the time? Why your moods swing? Why your hair falls out by the handfuls? Why your skin looks mucky and yucky? Why your clothes no longer fit the way you would like them to?

I’ll tell you. Nothing new here, Virgina. Not rocket science. It’s what you are ingesting into your body. The addiction to sugar, also known as the ‘new heroin’ in the trailer park, is sending people to an early grave. We all bought into a lie 25-30 years ago and it is killing us from the inside out. That whole low-fat idea is bonkers.

What?! Pray tell, what do you think food companies do when they take out the fat to creat low-fat?

They add sugar.

You swallowed the food pyramid. Like me, whole.

As a young nurse, wanting the best for my patients, I memorized and proclaimed the food pyramid from the mountain tops. But not anymore. Why? Because it doesn’t frickin’ work for me. And it doesn’t work for a whole lot of people. We have become a very obese and sick nation.

Want a ‘Magic Pill?’ Well I’ve found one! It started with watching the documentary ‘The Magic Pill.’ And my Lenten promise to give up sugar for good!

It wasn’t easy. “If it was easy, everyone would look like this!,” Cher. But it is easier than you think!

I started with baby steps to eliminate sugar from my diet, my pantry, my refrigerator and my spice rack. And I bought a really cheap but good digital scale. All by myself for the first four months while my sweet Jose’ did whatever he wanted.

In baby steps over the last 6 months I gave up sugar and it’s nasty side effects like obesity …doesn’t take too many pounds for a shorty like me to look like I’ve been eating the whole dang kitchen! Avoiding obesity is not the only benefit…we will also avoid its first cousins, Diabetes II, heart disease and kidney disease.

I knew I could do this if I was so inclined. I’m the poster child for ‘a way’ that has proven successful. And it’s nothing new to medical science.

My joint pain is totally gone. I no longer have to ease out of bed, up from a chair or out the car, stand for a minute to get my bearings and then walk half bent over until I warm up. Since the sugar is gone, I bounce out of bed every morning like a teenager.

I sleep better, no longer have my hair falling out in handfuls and my skin is much improved too. Oh! And did I mention 18 lbs gone for me and a whopping 33 lbs gone for Jose’! Yeah. That.

So keep your sugah, Sugah. We are fine without it!

Me and skinny Jose’ will continue to share our success stories with those who want to hear.

Stay the course. #KetoOn #HealthySelfHealThySelf #WomenOnKeto

Ketoly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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