Nadine on…Solutions

The world is neither black, nor is it white; even though some people out there still try to make it so.

Really, it is mostly grey. And not just here in the trailer park.

As a young professional I had an early growth moment when a manager called me in and said, “Don’t come at me with a problem without offering at least one, if not two solutions. In other words, don’t you dare arm-chair quarterback me without having a solution to the problem.” I was taken aback. She was dead right. I reflected on her words and made a BIG change in my approach to problem solving personally and professionally.

People today just want to cry, piss and moan about problems without ever actually solving them. They live to point fingers in the opposite direction without any self reflection or discourse. In doing so they demonstrate they don’t want a solution…they just want to highlight the problem with a big yellow marker to make sure everyone else ‘sees’ it.

Maybe they like the attention of stirring the pot?

Or maybe, they are so attached to their ‘victim’ mentality that they fear if they actually did step away…they might somehow loose their status?

Neither one of the above lends itself to a solution.

My husband, the Marine, has a solution to every problem… “Lead,” “Follow,” or “Get the Hell out of the way!”

I’m with him!

Sitting and crying in your beer solves nothing. Saying you can’t does nothing. (“Can’t never ate a biscuit!”)

However, working together to make a difference, no matter how small your contribution is the real deal! Find your cause. Make a suggestion or two and really work towards solving the problem. Look for viable solutions. Invent them if you must.

Of course! You will be criticized.

People ‘will’ arm-chair quarter back you.

Don’t listen to them. Let them do what they will. They aren’t problem solvers like you. They are just part of the problem.

Solutionally yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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