Every-ting Gonna Be Allright

I’ve met my match…after 17 years on the street…I laid a bike down in the street yesterday for the first time. It happens to the best of us I’m told. (Don’t tell my Momma!)

IKR?!!! WTHeck?

Luckily the only thing I hurt was my feelings and my pride…and a front fender…and a passenger side quarter panel.

And even luckier still because I am married to Jose’ who did not yell; instead, he just pulled out his wallet. I tell ya, I am one lucky gal.

At least it wasn’t my bike at home.

Somehow 250cc got the best of me.

And no, no alcohol was involved. I was pulling out from a church if you can believe me. As I pulled out a wild and crazy taxi came out of no where. Literally from no where. As I accelerated to avoid being hit by him…I failed to negotiate the turn completely and ran smack right into the side of a parked car! Laugh-In style.

Thank you Motorcycle Jesus for watching over me…and Jose’.

The errant taxi driver drove away. Leaving me to explain to the owner with humble apologies. Per her explanation this is the second time her vehicle has been struck in less than six months. We settled financially with her husband.

Daddy always said there are only two kinds of riders: 1- those that have gone down and 2- those that are going down.

Welcome to the second category. I am proud to report I got back up on that horse and rode it hard. We rode all around the island and then back to the garage. It had to be done.

Once we settled up financially with the motorcycle rental, we hit up one of our favorite places for supper and the band there was playing…are you ready?…‘Everything Gonna Be Allright.’

I guess it is. We’re still on Island Time.

Every-ting All-rightly Yours Mon,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

2 thoughts on “Every-ting Gonna Be Allright

  1. Oh, for crying out loud!!!! Yes, Lord Motorcycle Jesus, Thank you ! I know that you were not at fault, or you would have owned up to it. Crazy Taxi! Just so blessed that you are okay. Are you sure there are not skid marks, no road rash…?? Please be careful. And enjoy the rest of your vacation. Love you so much!

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