Nadine on…practicing what we preach

I read an online article a few days ago that absolutely broke my heart. It seems that a certain group of people in Austin organized a March. This group of people, young and old, all colors, sizes, shapes and walks of life got together due to a common denominator. Their common ground, you ask?

They no longer felt valued or loved.

Many had been completely rejected by their families, parents, Daddies and Mommas. REALLY?!!! (Yes, I am yelling.)

Why? Because they love who they love.

My knee-jerk reaction was who in the world could reject their own child because of a sexual preference; and, what would Jesus say about this today?

I expect it would be the same thing he would have said over 2,000 years ago. Love them anyway. Love them. Love them because I loved you first. Love them. Love them because I expect you to love them as I love you.

Just love them.

Now we all know that I am not a bible scholar and I don’t profess to be so. But! I have known Jesus since I was seven years old. And I am pretty sure that he would be telling us to show and share love in the same manner we ourselves wish to be loved.

In the early trailer park years growing up with my hippies, Mawdine and Double R, taught me to accept and love ALL people. I’m pretty sure Jesus felt the same way. He surrounded himself with people who needed him. And he helped them most by, first, loving them unconditionally!

Now there’s a concept we need to wrap our little trailer park heads around. Unconditional love without judgement.

This makes me want to go screaming from the roof of my trailer! Just love people where they are in life. Accept them at face value and stop trying to project your agenda on them. The world and your trailer park will be a better place. I promise.

So hug that person who really looks like they need one. Hug them. Hug them with all your heart. Especially those who voice feelings of rejection or loneliness. Hug them the way your Momma hugs you.

Lovingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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