Nadine on…Man-buns & He-hives

I think they look stupid no matter how old you are.

Sorry not sorry.

I’m cool with long hair. All good here. Shades of hippie days I suppose.

But the man-bun…Not. And not that it’s not for everyone…they’re just not for anyone I’m afraid.

I’ve tried to keep an open mind, really, I have. Even people I know and love nearly and dearly wear them.

But I just can’t.

I can’t even.

Not even this one.

Cut & color me out.

So Jose’, you will just have to keep it high and tight babe…or long and flowing.

Just Don’t ask me for a scrunchie!

Short cutly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

1 thought on “Nadine on…Man-buns & He-hives

  1. I saw a story on this subject the other day where they now have small “fake” man-buns. I totally agree with you Nadine!! Some of them have forgotten where their ‘man-card’ is…

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