Nadine’s Free Advice Friday ~ 08/24/18 Parenting 101: What to Teach your children

(ok a day late Saturday because…THIS week!!!)


**Trailer Park Language**

Parents…consider this a PSA in addition to free advice. First off y’all are doing a great job! Ok…maybe not all of y’all…but most of you.

A+ for your efforts. Kudos.

But! If we are gonna achieve our mutual goal and get these little heathens, um, I mean, children of yours graduated from high school we are going to have to collaborate and work together in this whole teaching gig.

If you haven’t crossed this video yet, please do us all a favor and click the link to watch it to see ‘this’ teachers favorite Momma.

Second PSA…Parents buy the fucking pencils and the yellow binder. Whatever is on the list! Write your Thank You NOW! And hug a teacher. Just hug them. Because they need it.

We all know they watch every move we make. They mimic every behavior we model. They learn from our ques. Because believe it or not, if they are seven or seventeen we are still everything to them.

Teach your children to be agreeable. Teach flexibility. Teach them to go with the flow sometimes. Ok?…most of the time. The school day is not the time to swim upstream. They are not salmon.

Teach your children to be collaborative. Teach them ability to work well with others, to accept their quirky-ness and flaws and still get the job done. Model that shit ok?

Teach your children to be inclusive and to play well with others and teach them to sit with them during lunch and any other time. Mainly teach them to not let others sit alone.

Teach them NOT to talk back. I always told my little Dramamine it is ok to question authority…but don’t be an ass about it. Don’t let them grow up in your house and be little Sassholes. Because if you don’t discipline them for this…I will. That crap might be cute when they are 2 or 3, but at age 17 it is no longer cute. Trust me…your Sasshole kid is gonna get knocked into next week with my Chancla stick.

Teach peace.

Teach them to be kind.

Teach them to be excellent.

Teach them to be weird, funny, quiet, smart, athletic, theatre, numbers, teachers pet, chatterbox, Valedictorian, middle of the pack, and ‘barely made it.’

Teach them.

Just don’t teach them wrong.

And for all that is holy and sacred in this world…please don’t teach them to be mean.

It’s FREE! As in No Charge. Nada. Doesn’t cost you one single thing. As head Queen of the Trailer Park and the Self-Appointed Life Coach to many, this is just another service I provide. A quick reminder last week’s advice was: Parenting Advice: Empty Nesters. Do please go read, like and share as you see fit.

Advisingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️�

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