Nadine on…Perfecting the Art Of Professionally Going to Hell and Back

So…there is this little problem at work. Read Island. Read Mountain I cannot go over, around, through or under. Read impasse. However you read it…it’s a very real thing.

Not my first rodeo.

Considering myself as a master of Conflict Resolution both personally and professionally I am still really stumped this time.

I have prayed about it. Talked with my personal and professional mentors about it. And of course I have talked to Jose’ about it. And I’ve got nothing. Until the epiphany this morning at 0401 a.m.

I blame Keto for this new found insomnia.

Seems I no longer need 9 hours of sleep anymore because my body only wants 6. Tell my brain. Anyway, I digress.

This is not the First time I have encountered a professional situation that can most possibly be best described as an old fashioned personality conflict. And once again, it is not ME who is the one conflicted. Once again I find myself the object of the conflict. And again…still…it is due to a lack of education on the part of others and a fundamental problem I call ‘professional envy.’ And trust me, that monster is green and ugly.

What to do? How about…do what you have done in the past?…if it worked.

Well, so far here is what I have done and the advice I have received:

1- Pray about it. While it may be working…it’s Not really working. Conflict still exists. And in my humble opinion it’s getting worse. But I will keep praying.

2- I tried the ever faithful ‘Kill them with Kindness’. Definitely.Not.Working.

3- Read a book about conflict resolution. Yup! Read Difficult Conversations (Stone/Patton/Herb) AND How to Win Friends and Influence People (Carnegie). Obviously these people know what they are doing. And the advice and information has been helpful…but the conflict still exists.

4- Take a class! Currently enrolled in a district-wide 5 session workshop. Not ‘really’ helping. But I have met and networked with some pretty cool people!

5- Neither has the age old avoidance technique…you live on your Island and I’ll live on mine…isn’t working either.

Because this time my Administration insists on us working together. But we vibrate at very different frequencies. Collaborative assignments just aren’t getting done.

6- Talking with Admin to get wisdom and advice on how to proceed left me with “Let me take it to a higher level and I’ll get back to you.” No resolution or feedback to date.

So now what? Well here is the what.

Daddy always said when faced with a problem you have but 3 solutions. One, stay and do nothing. Two, stay and do something. Three, leave.

So far doing number one did not work. In an attempt to avoid the easiest and quickest route to number three I am going to try number two. Why? Because I LOVE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT MY JOB!

My plan for the week is to talk about it. Speak directly to the elephant in the room. Set up Norms and relationship boundaries. Open dysfunctional communications. Even if it’s just a window. Make a plan for weekly communication opportunities. Do the work of repairing the disconnect. Stay optimistic. Share all of my good energy that I can with as many people as I can. That’s the plan.

I’ll let y’all know how it works out.

Conflictingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

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