Thanksgiving Day traditions Old and New

PSA…there is no one right way to do Thanksgiving. When you live in the Trailer Park you have to be flexible.

Willing to throw caution to the wind, Jose’ and I had a family meeting to discuss this year’s Thanksgiving plan.

Over the years, Thanksgiving and the holidays in general have come with hiccups and last minute surprises; and in discussing that there is ‘no right way’ to do any holiday, much less Thanksgiving…Jose’ and I had a meeting of the minds. For the first time in many years, as a result of that meeting, came our way.

For starters, both of us love us a good old fashioned deep fried turkey! It is moist and delicious and totally within our Keto Lifestyle. So a fried bird makes the top of the menu plan! We can fry a 12 pound bird in about 36 minutes. Pair that with some of OpalMaurine’s Ketofied Ho-made trailer park orange cranberry relish, Keto bread with lots of mayo for a sandwich and a beer! And voila’ we have Thanksgiving meal done! With little or no fuss.

And the pre-Thanksgiving chicken and French fry fry off tradition continues with the neighbors Luludine and Hans Solo. Paired with a few Lonestar Longnecks, some Premiere Corona, Ho-made Egg Nog and a 30 year old bottle of brandy! I can’t believe we are almost out of Brandy after 30 years, can you?!

After the parade the rest of the day is left for other traditional and non-traditional fun stuff that we both enjoy together.

Fun stuff like staying in our pajamas all morning and drinking coffee while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When IS the last time you sat and watched it? I can’t remember. But I LOVE it! For this year, it is first up on the plan!

Fun stuff like going out for a nice motorcycle ride along the blue highway. While most people on our island will be at home cooking up a storm we will be out riding in the sunshine for a piece.

Fun stuff like watching football. This one is very high up on the list for Jose’. Add another turkey sandwich, some snacks, some awesome pie and probably more beer and Jose’ will be one happy camper!

Other weekend fun stuff includes shooting guns at the local range, pulling down all the Christmas crap from the attic and possibly hitting a movie or two in the days that follow…but NOT on Thanksgiving Day! We are both firm believers that we should boycott all open businesses so that people can be at home with their families and traditions. Special note, Jose’ gets a Holiday Special Kitchen Pass for putting up the Christmas Crap…but that is a whole other blog post!

No drama. No trauma. No Black Friday shopping. No slaving over a hot microwave. Little expense. Stay within the budget. Quality time spent together. All good.

Yes, we have much gratitude that we live in abundance!!! The perfect Thanksgiving for us this year is paired with fried turkeys, motorcycles, parades, football, Christmas prep, movies, shooting guns and drinking beer; aka: A Trailer Park Thanksgiving.

There is plenty of room for any ‘stray cats’ who have no family/friends they want to argue/fuss and fight with. But you will need to make your reservations quick! Quick!

Whatever you decide to do…enjoy it and find the time to be grateful for whomever and whatever you have. Peace, Love and Trailer Parks. ☮️❤️🚋🦃

Thanksgivingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️❤️🚋

Just your average day at the office…Slime, psychotic episodes and baby ducks

History…the Librarians have had the Science classes in all week making slime.

E: “So honey, how was your day?”

Me: “It was great! I was standing at my post in the middle of the bleachers with my sophomores during the pep rally and was hit in the head. It first felt like a water bottle…half full of water. A plastic-kind of feeling. Immediately I put my hand to the back of my head anticipating a wet, slimy grossness…but nothing. My hair was dry.”

Time for the class yell… “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! THATS THE SOPHOMORE BATTLE CRY!”

“As I looked down in the bleachers to my right there it was. A purple slime filled condom! Bwahahaha I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard!”

“I did the John Belushi and tried to locate the ‘arm’…but they all looked like the Toy Story characters…frozen in place.

Faces totally stoic. Looking straight ahead.

So I turned around and jumped back into the pep rally. Minutes later I look down to my right again and I see another slime-filled condom. Only this one is blue!!!

I pretend I don’t see it until a boy tries to sneak past me and sit near them. One stern look in his direction and a thumbed gesture to get out of there and he moves back from whence he came.

A few more minutes and I bend down and casually pick them both up. Behind me I hear a loud Ooooooo!!! Grosssss!!! So I shake them at them and pretend that I will throw them back…they all duck and try to hide behind the other kids.

So I put them in the pocket of my jacket.

Later, after the pep-rally, I take the slime-filled to the Librarians who absolutely crack up!

Still giggling, I walk back to my classroom with my colleague, we hear someone screaming like they have been shot! We break out in a full run and round the corner to find three cops and a VP carrying a student into a classroom! What?! WHAT?!

Psychotic episode. Nothing to see here folks. Keep walking….O……K…..?

And then driving out of the gate…I see these guys! 10 of them and their Momma. Made my whole week!”

E: “Sounds like a great day babe. Wanna order a pizza and binge watch This Is Us?”